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Vendor Profile: Get the WORX from concept to finish! AquaWorx provides everything you need for your resort Water Park, splash pad, pool or fountain, from 3D design renderings to engineering, from main drains to water toys, from equipment filter packs to collector tanks. AquaWorx is the leading aquatic manufacturer and service provider of American made products that fabricate our own hydraulic and filtration systems providing sparkling clean water for any pool design and all of our splashtastic water toys. Our full service waterworks and customer care team are overflowing with expertise to help you - even after the installation. Our interactive water features are delivered on site fully equipped with all the necessary pre-plumbed and pre-wired pumps, filters, valve manifolds, breaker panels, control panels and chemical control equipment. All water toys are made of stainless steel, powder-coated with a variety of fun colors, plus colorful fiberglass integral parts that have a UV resistant gel-coat providing strong resistance to chlorinated water - preventing chalking and degradation caused by heavy rain and UV rays.






Our full service waterworks and customer care team will help you create your fountain as the main event or provide ambiance for your aquatic landscape. This includes nozzles, water level sensors, equipment packs, spray effects, pumping or bubbling parts, submersible lighting and water filtration applications. On your market...get set...flow!
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Ground Sprays

Select your series, create your wetland or enhance your resort with scintillating water pleasers and teasers that gush from the ground. Starring tunnels of fun, jet streams, volcanoes, bubblers, geysers and other soakers of watery wonder. Each invigorating experience begins with your design, motif or whimsical inspiration.
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Aqua Shroom

Refresh in sparkling clean flowing water under the Aqua Shroom! Available with a five or seven foot diameter streaming water canopy, the Aqua Shroom 5 or Aqua Shroom 7 will be a delightful people pleaser to thrill guests of all ages.
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Aqua Pirate Ship

Ahoy! The Pirate adventure begins at your park setting, resort, beach or poolside deck. The Pirate Island series Pirate Ship includes a fantasy play deck with waterspouts, pirate cannons, captain's wheel, slides and all the friends you can capture. Safety features are included for durability and fun! We're setting sail at an imagination near you.
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Aqua Orca

Fantasy deep sea creatures emerge to inspire water play for recreation enthusiasts of all ages. The wondrous water FantaSEA Series includes a friendly squirting Orca, larger than life size happy shark, an eight-armed lively tickled octopus and a playful school of fish.
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Aqua Leaf

AquaWorx Garden Oasis Series presents lush landscapes that come to life with showering leafs, bathing butterflies, flowing palm trees, tipping buckets, domes and drenchers for every water-filled experience under the sun.
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Aqua Fun 2

Creative Kids of all ages will enjoy this oasis of fun! Glide, slide, jump, leap, dance or dream on this multi-level, water-full, wonderful, wet-n-wild experience for outdoor play. Each playset comes fully equipped with four Aqua Leafs, one Aqua Palm Tree, one Aqua Arch, one Aqua Climb and an Aqua Slide.
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Aqua Cannon 2

Streaming metropolis of water toys amidst AquaWorxs' Metro Oasis Series will saturate the imagination with combating cannons, misting towers, spouts, falls and trickling temptations for kids of all ages. All water toys are surface mounted (no in-beds) for ease of installation.
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Aqua Tipping Coco Palm

Lush landscape comes to life with showering flowers, bathing butterflies, flowing trees, tipping buckets, domes and drenchers for every water-filled experience under the sun. The Aqua Tipping Coco Palm has 3 tipping coconuts and is found in AquaWorx's GARDEN OASIS SERIES water toys.
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Splash Pads

Create your Aqua Oasis! It's a multi-sensory AquaWorx sparkling clean water playground to thrill your guests. It's the main attraction and most profitable people-pleaser at your pool, spa or resort. Your guests will treasure the splashing towers, shimmering mists, water domes, tipping toys, dunking buckets, ground gushers, deck dazzlers and colorful creative motifs.
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