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Address: PO Box 1712


City/State/Zip: Sunset Beach, CA, 90742


Phone: 850-218-9708






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Company Info: We know your needs: Being a woman owned organization, we understand your unique energy needs. Your house, yard, and outdoor areas reflect your lifestyle. With 20 plus years in the artificial grass industry, we've evolved into a movement. Our team will conceptualize your outdoor lifescapes to compliment your home. Utilizing Pace/Hero Programs, we will find a solution to fit any budget needs. Your Smart Solution to Your Energy Needs. Your lifestyle deserves the best for you and your family. Make your home eco-friendly. Save on your electric, water and time so you can enjoy what matters most to you, Your Family. We design the perfect fit for your home. Why wait...Let us start LifeScaping your future space today! Eco-size your life and home with Team Energies!





Solar Panel

Sun's renewable energy, reduce costs, Earth's energy straight to you, Earth working for you, your answer to Comfort! Benefits include: tax incentives, 30% Federal Tax credit, utilize the limitless supply of the sun's clean and safe energy, let the sun generate your needs, increase property value, residential & commercially available.

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Artificial Grass

Perfect for kids, pets and yards of all shapes and sizes. Let us show you how we can SAVE you More Money than you could have EVER imagined. We take a Different approach, we don't limit your savings to only one avenue, we look at your Total Energy Usage!

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Outdoor Lifescapes - Backyard Oasis

FREE Consultations. With over 20 years experience in Outdoor LifeScapes, we will hone your perfect outdoor needs to your personal oasis. Why wait...Start LifeScaping your future space today! Call 855-928-8238 for your free consultation.

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March 18, 2018, 10:00 pm PDT

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