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Address: 5941 Lakeshore Dr


City/State/Zip: Cypress, CA, 90630


Phone: 949-355-4391


FAX: 714-784-7296




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Company Info: Penn Air Solar is a premier solar powered lighting company which designs manufactures and sells professional grade lighting products. Our solar technology and high quality materials mean the best value in the lighting industry. PROBLEMS WITH SOLAR LIGHTING Reliability Inferior products fail after a short time. This is due to low quality solar components and product deterioration when exposed to weather. Appearance Beautiful homes deserve beautiful lighting features. Most outdoor lighting features are made of cheap plastic tin metal or a combination of both. Plastic breaks easily and tin metal products discolor when exposed to direct sunlight. Strength Many products can be easily knocked over or become damaged by gardeners animals or children. Battery Life Inferior products use inferior batteries that cannot produce light throughout the night. These batteries when fully discharged make recharging through solar almost impossible. Our Solar Solution Reliability - Our products are made using industry leading solar technologies to ensure maximum lighting energy and efficiency. Appearance All Penn Air Solar products are made for optimum beatification. Our products are made from marine grade anodized aluminum and 316 stainless steel. Not only do our products look good but they are made to last and will not crack or break when exposed to weather. All products are IP 68 compliant the highest waterproof rating on the market. Strength Our SunDot product has received a 20-ton crush rating making it almost indestructible. Our other lighting products have similar ratings and can be mounted in ways to ensure they will not tip over when accidentally bumped or hit. Battery Life We use the highest quality largest capacity 2500mah Ni-MH battery. Our battery along with our solar charging system allows up to 40 hours of light on a 6-8 hour direct light charge.





Solar Landscape Lighting - Sun Dot

Most amazing premium solar light ever designed for driveways, decks, and docks and just about anywhere. Each Sun Dot utilizes patented technology. Lights can last up to 40 hours after battery is fully charged. All Sun Dots are IP-68 waterproof rated (maximum waterproof rating.)

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March 24, 2018, 3:09 am PDT

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