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Rancho Soledad NurseriesClick For Directions


Address: 18539 Aliso Canyon Road/P.O. Box 1689


City/State/Zip: Rancho Santa Fe, CA, 92067


Phone: 858-756-3717


FAX: 858-756-4597




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Company Info: Rancho Soledad is a wholesale/retail Nursery located in Rancho Santa Fe California. At Rancho Soledad the focus is on offering exotic plants for landscape applications to a diverse clientele. Rancho Soledad has 25 acres under production and the palette of plants on offer spans the worlds ecosystems.





Agave celsii nova

An exceptional blue leafed agave that adds striking form to the garden. The plant occasionally offsets and can withstand frost. Plant is considered to be a natural field hybrid with specific parents unknown. Agave celsii nova looks great planted in small groupings and will add a nice blue hue to your garden.

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Agave chazaroi

Agave chazaroi holds unparalleled structure and form. Discovered near Tequila, Jalisco in 2007 due to a new road that was built through the region. Agave chazaroi does best in full sun in coastal climates and protected from afternoon sun for inland gardens. Beautiful plant with dark green leaves, will work well as a focal point in Southern California gardens.

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Agave ellemeetiana

Agave ellemeetiana is a rarity amongst agaves due to a lack of spines. This defenseless agave works well in shady and high traffic locations. Agave ellemeetiana has bright green leaves and will make a great addition to any shady, temperate garden.

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Agave ferdinand-regis

A compact agave with unique white stripes on its leaves. Solitary and slow growing and will work well planted in groups in large gardens. Make sure soil has appropriate drainage and plant in full sun. The plant, due to its compact and showy nature, works great as the centerpiece in a smaller garden. Finally, the plant will work well in a pot in a sunny entry-way or a bright patio.

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Agave geminiflora

An unusual agave that densely holds hundreds of small thin leaves. The leaves are very flexible with smaller spines making this plant more "user-friendly." The leaf tips will turn red or purple when exposed to cooler temperatures which can add a unique element to this agave.

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Agave guiengola

Beautiful large agave with Blue-light green leaves. Stunning in the garden and is often used as a focal point.

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Rancho Soledad NurseriesClick For Directions

Rancho Santa Fe, 92067

April 24, 2018, 1:40 am PDT

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