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MAT, Inc.


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City/State/Zip: Floodwood, MN, 55736


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Soil Guard

Mat, Inc. has been a manufacturer of high quality erosion control products since the early 1980's. Look for a new product later this year that will change the way people look at hydraulic seeding and mulching. Soil Guard, Mat-Fiber??, Mat-Blend?? are just a few of our products. Soil Guard in the No. 1 Bonded Fiber Matrix erosion control system. It provides blanket like protection with dramatic savings in time and labor.
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Mat-Jet CP

Mat-Jet CP is a hydraulic mulch specifically engineered for jet agitated machines. Combining the water absorption of paper with the fiber strength of corn stover.
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Mat Inc.

Manufacturer of Soil Guard, the first bonded fiber matrix hydraulic mulch. It is the only BFM on the market backed by a company warrantee.
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Mat, Inc. has a quality erosion control product for every job. As an Industry leader for over 25 years, Mat, Inc. is committed to providing quality products and creating loyal customers.
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MAT, Inc.

Grass-Mat?? Wood Fiber Blankets are lightweight, non-woven erosion control blankets made from clean Aspen & Birch whole wood fibers. Grass-Mat?? conforms to the contour of the ground, preventing under blanket riling, washouts and seed migration.
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