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Address: 950 S. 2nd Street


City/State/Zip: Plainfield, NJ, 07063


Phone: 908-757-2323


FAX: 908-757-3439




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Company Info: Comunello Cantilever gate hardware offers a professional solution which avoids many of the maintenance problems with traditional sliding gates and satisfies your requirements for installing a cantilever gate even with complicated applications or large dimensions. It is the perfect choice with its complete line of accessories and a product configurator to calculate the correct dimensions for the gate. Moreover the hardware can be used on any gate material. Steel / Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Wood / Chainlink / Vinyl.





Enclosed Roller System

DuraGates enclosed roller system for sliding gates offers a higher weight capacity, smaller gate length & unobstructed driveway. A professional solution for commercial or residential gates.

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Ornamental Steel Gate

This highly ornamental steel gate spans an opening of over 25 feet. With the DuraGates hardware, you don't need any weight on the counterbalance as the carriages take the entire load. Hence, the fabricator was able to build a short tail to the gate so that it is not visible from the front of the property. Look at how the guide channel across the middle of the gate allows the gate to have an arched top.

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Carriage Monobloc Body

Heavy duty 8 wheel carriages with sealed bearings. Large pivots allow for increased weight capacity, smooth running and stability. Larger wheel dimensions increase the weight capability and reduce wear and tear between wheels and tracks. The high weight capacity results in maximum performance.

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Model CGA-350P

Aluminum gate spans an opening of 24ft. Simple looking installation that makes sliding gate look easy unless you notice that there is a stream below down the slope.

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Galvanized Track

The tracks are galvanized and made from high quality structural material which gives them flexibility and permits carrying high loads without distortion. You can build the gate right on the track. The track is made from low carbon steel which allows for excellent weldability.

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DuraGates Cantilever Gate System

DuraGates enclosed roller system for sliding gates offers a professional solution for commercial or residential gate applications. The hardware can be used with any gate material - Steel / Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Wood / Chainlink / Vinyl.

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April 25, 2018, 5:52 am PDT

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