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Address: 229 Ninth Street NW


City/State/Zip: Hickory, NC, 28601


Phone: 8283229889


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Company Info: Air Force Hover Mowers (two models): F-19: Our flagship mower. For 2018, we have added increased anti-vibration points to the handle ends and spring loaded the footstop so it will be out of the way when in use. The High Lift Kit has been a great addition – no holes in the deck, no tools needed for attachment – it has sturdy clips, a high inner wall and built in supports.

F-15: This 15” wide machine weighs 22 lbs. and is powered by an EPA approved 2-stroke, 60cc engine. The engine has been redesigned and now features increased air flow and more durable components. It is the lightest and best performing small hover mower and it has a maximum height of cut about 2 Ύ”.

Atom: The Atom Pro/Cart Path Edger (ATCPE4) is a wheel-barrow designed, Honda powered edger ideal for cart paths, bed edging or sports fields. It is shaft driven with cross-over blades or an optional wire wheel brush blade (for asphalt).

BowDry: Great water removal machine for any surface – outdoors or indoors and salable in the Golf, Sports and Facilities markets. New for this year is a scraper attachment for baseball infields and clay tennis courts.

Masport Mowers (three models): Rotarola – a rear roller rotary with 21” aluminum deck, 190cc engine and solid rear roller for $1,250;

M800ST SP – a self-propelled 3-N-1 machine with 190cc engine and steel deck for $575

M800 Utility – a tough as nails push machine with commercial grade 190cc engine for around $400

Spyker: Spyker offers the highest quality Push, Two, Ride-On, Electric and even a Drop spreader. Great quality, good price and whatever size and type of machine your customer needs. Don’t let another supplier continue to take dollars on spreaders that you know your customers can spend with you.


Hover Trimmer: Standard (under 30cc engines) lists for $199 and the Professional (30cc engine or higher) list for $225. These are great attachments that that attach to any brand string trimmer. They bridge the gap between a string trimmer and a hover mower and have a multitude of uses.

PortaPump Junior: For around $200, this accessory converts any stick edger into a self-contained pumping station. We are offering a “Seago Kit” for this machine that includes the PortaPump Junior, Wire Screen Strainer and 20’ of discharge hose for one price (Part # PP-JR Kit).

Power Rotary Scissors: This attachment features counter rotating blades for a smooth and clean cut with no flying debris. The head features a 9.5” diameter blade and multiple gear inserts and shaft shims to insure a good fit to any make or model machine. Seago also offers an 11” blade option.





Power Rotary Scissor Head (PRS-9.5)

The Power Rotary Scissor head (9.5" diameter) converts any brand/model string trimmer into a powerful and safe tool. The counter-rotating heads deliver a quick and clean cut for edging, cutting and trimming.

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Postmaster by Autoguide

The Postmaster from Autoguide is a compact vibratory post driver that fits most any mini-excavator or excavator. Three models Mini, Midi and Maxi Postmasters will drive up to 6", 8" or 10" posts respectively in just a few minutes. Hydraulic jaws grip the post for easy positioning and removal.

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Power Rotary Scissors

The Power Rotary Scissor (PRS-9.5) attachment quickly converts any make or model string trimmer and/or brush cutter into a powerful, safe and efficient cutting tool. The counter-rotating heads deliver a quick and clean cut for edging, cutting and trimming. Cut bunker edges quickly and cleanly, trim along fences, edge cart paths, landscape beds or near parking lots without throwing stones. Standard blade is 9.5" diameter and an optional 11" diameter blade is available.

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April 20, 2018, 1:30 pm PDT

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