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Company Info: Allen Hover Mowers available in 16 18 and 21 cutting widths are powered exclusively by Honda 4-stroke engines. Exceptionally strong ABS injection molded decks eight-point engine mounts extra long ergonomically designed and padded handles a 14-inch impeller are only a few of the many unique features. They are professional grade commercial use machines designed for and approved for continuous inclined operation and tackle any slope steep bank lakeside or drainage ditch.The Atom Professional Edger is quite simply the fastest walk behind edger in the world. Shaft driven to give the operator unmatched power is such a lightweight machine. Available with either a Redmax 2-stroke or a Honda 4-stroke engine.The Muck Truck powered by a 5.5 hp Honda engine is a four-wheel drive utility cart that moves up to 500 lbs. of material over almost any terrain. The hand throttle controls 4 forward/1 reverse speeds allow quick and efficient operation plus its exceptional design and weight distribution is easy to control and steer when fully loaded or empty. At only 28 wide the Muck Truck fits through standard doorways gates or fences and is ideal for landscaping golf course maintenance building or remodeling. In addition to the standard dumping bucket the Muck Truck is also available with a flat bed for hauling bagged materials pavers of flagstone. A hitch is also available for moving trailers etc.Spyker Spreaders feature a Dial-A-Matic rate control system for superior accuracy. The 8800 features a calibration tray which measures and weighs materials to product specifications. All spreaders have a lifetime warranty on drive gears.The Trim-A-Lawn Wheel Trimmer is an open-sided mower/trimmer/brush cutter with a 15 cut (13 footprint) that can mow right up to curbing trees signs walls fences trees etc. Removable front wheels allow for brush cutting work. The Wheel Trimmer replaces the need for a string trimmer.




January 23, 2018, 4:11 am PST

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