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Address: 601 7th St. South


City/State/Zip: Delano, MN, 55328


Phone: 763-972-5200


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Company Info: Since 1971, Landscape Structures, Inc. has been the leading manufacturer of commercial playground equipment in the world. The employee-owned company designs community and school playgrounds that encourage kids of all ages and abilities to learn persistence, leadership, competition, bravery, support, and empathy through play. Landscape Structures pushes the limits of design inclusion play to help kids realize there is no limit to what they can do today and in the future. For a better tomorrow, we play today.






Create the Centre by connecting the Loft, Fire Station and Market Cafe and enhance the fun for 2- to 5-year-olds. Interactive panels prompt adult-child conversations and encourage learning while they play, and various climbers, slides, tunnels and crawl spaces challenge the physical dexterity of toddlers and preschoolers.

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Alpha Towers

Bring height to the playground with the Alpha(TM) Tower and Alpha Link(TM) Towers. The distinctive geometric design combined with the cool aesthetic of the Hot Dip Galvanized steel frame creates a unique look. Even more, an overall height of 20 feet making these structures a thrilling challenge for kids ages 5 to 12.

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Netplex is what's next in play. A hub of multi-level, webbed nets, Netplex creates a futuristic climbing experience that pushes kids beyond their known boundaries, and offers kids the challenge they need for healthy development into self-assured adults. With endless design flexibility, Netplex makes it easy to create unique play environments.

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Nook and Loft

Nook and Loft of the Smart Play series take kids 6- to 23-months old from early crawling exploration on up to 2- to 5-year old active climbing and social play. Together, they span a critical period of childhood development, making them ideal for childcare facilities, schools and neighborhood playgrounds.

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Global Motion®

LOVE TO CLIMB? LOVE TO TURN? Global Motion(R) brings it all together. This rotating climber packs plenty of fun - climbing, turning, running, and socializing. Kids of all abilities will appreciate this energetic ride. You'll appreciate its built-in technology that ensures Global Motion maintains a reasonable maximum speed. So you can focus on the fun!

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SkyWays Shade Products

Cool off in a big way. SkyWay's Shade Products are perfect for anywhere you need BIG amounts of shade - at the ball field, on the beach, in a parking lot. Located in Dallas, Texas, Landscape Structures' SkyWays Division expands shade products to encompass large park, seating picnic and activity areas - anywhere a lot of people gather.

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We can help you create playground designs unique to your community! Everything in our custom design process is driven by your goals and ideas. Together, we'll create a destination playground that's as individual as your imagination!

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Let curious young minds go exploring on a safe and durable PlayShaper® playground structure. Scaled to size for preschoolers, these play systems invite youngsters to develop their physical skills while learning the social skills needed for community life.

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The Canyon Collection®

With the Canyon Collection®, rocks are no longer isolated events set apart from the rest of the playground. This integrated rock-climbing experience kindles the spirit of adventure with realistic rock panels that attach directly to a PlayBooster® play structure, creating new heights in continuous play. This configurable collection of rocks, decks and nets can be combined in a variety of ways.

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Transform any playground with the abstract, geometric designs of the patent-pending GeoPlex(TM) system. GeoPlex panels come together in endless patterns of visual and physical texture-to promote physical activity through a variety of fun and challenging climbing experiences. Go configure with GeoPlex!

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Smart Play(R)

Smart Play(R): Nook is for kids ages 6 to 23 months, and Smart Play(R): Loft is for kids ages 2 to 5 years. This smart pair will take kids from early crawling exploration on up to active climbing and social play, and come packed with 20 engaging activities each. Developed with guidance from the National Head Start Association and Too Small to Fail to facilitate children's early brain, language and literacy development.

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Smart Play(R): Venti(R) packs 20 exciting activities into its compact size. With multiple entry points, the accessible play structure can accommodate lots of kids at once! Nets, slides, belts and climbers provides a multitude of challenges that promote physical development and strategic thinking, while also creating hangouts where kids can take a break and connect with others. Smart design incorporates materials efficiently to create a large number of activities within a small footprint.

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Site Furnishings

All of our various furnishings including shade structures, picnic tables, benches, trash receptacles and more are designed to coordinate with your playground and surrounding environment. The right pieces will create a clean, safe and welcoming spot for the whole community.

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Evos® Playsystem

Evos® attracts kids with its unique appearance and endless opportunities for unstructured fun. Its ground-to-ground arches allows kids of all abilities to join in the fun. But most importantly, Evos lets kids find their own ways to play while building muscle strength, endurance and mental agility.

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CoolToppers(R) Shade System

CoolToppers(R) is the industry's first fully-integrated shade product designed to attach to PlayBooster(R) play structures, or some can be used as standalone shade products at ground level. Choose from five styles and dozens of configurations - even a cool misting option!

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Rhapsody(R) Outdoor Musical Instruments

Make beautiful music with our Rhapsody(R) outdoor musical instruments. These all-ages, fully accessible and interactive instruments produce exceptional sound quality and harmonious play. Rhapsody(R) creates a collection of chimes, metallophones, and drums that welcome musicians of all abilities.

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HealthBeat® Outdoor Fitness System

Bring more users to your park with the HealthBeat(R) outdoor fitness system. Reinvented with a contemporary design, patent-pending resistance technology and three brand new stations, HealthBeat brings gym-quality equipment to the fresh outdoors. The ability to pair stations together saves space and cost, making HealthBeat a perfect fit for outdoor exercise in your community.

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Weevos® Playsystem

The Weevos(R) playground structure is designed for growth and development in 2- to 5-year olds in six key areas: physical, balance, cognitive, sensory/motor, emotional/social and language. Best of all, Weevos safely lets toddlers and preschoolers bee-bop and giggle with just the right amount of wiggle, and clear sight lines let supervisors keep their eyes on all the action!

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PlayBooster® Playsystem

The PlayBooster® playground structure, the original post-and-clamp system, combines exciting ground-level components with climbing events and overhead activities for kids ages 5 to 12. The PlayBooster® family includes the interconnected cables of Netplex®, the contemporary Vibe®, the nature-inspired Tree House and the double-decker PlayOdyssey® Tower.

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PlayBooster(R) Vibe(R)

PlayBooster(R) Vibe(R) features unique triangular shapes, cool textures and new colors that will stand out in any playground environment and budget.

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Stimulate your senses with Pulse! With light, sound, touch and more movement on the playground, kids get a multisensory experience from Pulse's interactive games. Create perfect harmony in your park with site furnishings collections that match your playground! Landscape Structures will help put the finishing touches on your play environment with three new collections.

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Inclusive Playgrounds

Inclusive playgrounds must meet the needs of everyone in the community; we do by welcoming all ages and abilities to the playground for multigenerational fun and sensory-stimulating activity. Learn more at

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Eclipse® Net Plus

The modern Eclipse® Net Plus is designed to encourage creativity and imagination via geometric cable and limitless play routes. It's perfect for kids ages 5 to 12.

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Fun In Motion

Love to climb? Love to turn? Global Motion brings it all together. This patent-pending freestanding rotating climber packs in plenty of fun-climbing, turning, running, gathering, and socializing. Kids of all abilities will appreciate this energetic ride. You'll appreciate its built-in progressive resistance mechanism, our proprietary technology that ensures Global Motion maintains a reasonable maximum speed.

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