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Address: 700 Goldman Drive


City/State/Zip: Cream Ridge, NJ, 08514


Phone: 609-751-0363






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Company Info: Simply writing words like Vision Insight and Design are easy. But take a moment here open the pages. Truly look at what we have created. When you are finished we believe you will come to appreciate the detail and honest work we put into crafting these meticulous furnishings.





Radium Park Bench

High stiffness of steel structure and excellent resistance were achieved by sophisticated intersection of steel plates. When combined with Citepin plastic plugs, it eliminates the disadvantage of cold steel for sitting.

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Donat Bollard

A simple but attractive cylindrical bollard with a light top made of cast aluminum. A new feature is the option to place lighting under the upper surface of the top of the bollard using a low voltage LED light source.

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Blocq Park Bench

A massive block supported by sharp spikes - this contrast has the best effect in public spaces. The effect is emphasized by the generous proportions of the bench, and when several modules are lined up to create long rows.

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Portiqoa Park Bench

Its softly curved sides are made of aluminum alloy and work with an interesting optical illusion. The bench touches the ground only with a narrow edge and from some angles, revealing almost impossibly thin lines.

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Prax Litter Bin

The steel structure of the Prax shows off a modern yet classical contour with a slightly arched roof. A simple wooden door completes the character of this bin. It is destined to be installed in different public spaces.

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Edge Bike Shelter

An elegant bike shelter with a dynamic shape, combining a robust steel frame and visually light glass panels fastened with stainless steel. A version is available with grooves in the wall functioning as bike racks.

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Edgetyre Bicycle Rack

A simple bicycle rack to be used both inside bike shelters or separately outside them. Various shapes and models are available. Its upper horizontal element includes a rubber strip that protects the bike from scratching.

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Regio Bus Shelter

With its zinc and powder coated steel parts, merged with wood and the beauty of tempered glass, the 'Regio' bus shelter is both elegant and sturdy. Its makeup also gives it resistance to vandalism and adverse weather.

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April 24, 2018, 5:50 pm PDT

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