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Address: 3715 Market St. Suite 109


City/State/Zip: Glendale, CA, 91208


Phone: 818-957-6332


FAX: 818-249-1807




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Company Info: Original Manufacturer of PVC Pipe Cutters since 1916 -MADE IN JAPAN





PVC Pipe Cutters

Newest advanced design with five different sizes are now available from MCC, the original PVC Pipe Cutter inventor since 1979. Product features includes; 1) Long-lasting design for professional irrigators and installers. 100% Made in JAPAN. 2) Ergonomic handle design makes your cutting work less effort and reduce physical fatigue. 3) Rust-free spring which is made of stainless steel. Spring won't break all of a sudden like others, even in water. 4) Simple blade exchange. Quick replacement at job site. No tiny screws you have to worry about losing.

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Plastic Tubing Cutter - Quick Cut

This is one of the most heavy-duty design of this kind. Equipped with steel handles vs easy-to-break plastic handles like many others, and reversible blade which allows you to get another new cutting blade by flipping over the blade after one side is damaged.

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Corner Wrench

The 90 degree offset handle and the most compact ratchet-like action head outperforms your traditional designed pipe wrench. When pipe is located in the trench, this is the time a Corner Wrench works great. Compared with an ordinary pipe wrench, Corner Wrench requires less working space so that you don't have to dig a big hole. Just stick your Corner Wrench to the pipe from the top and have Corner Wrench grab it. Ratchet-like action will simplify your operation.

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May 22, 2018, 2:46 am PDT

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