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NewLite Specialty Products, LLC


Address: 10463 Grant Line Road #116


City/State/Zip: Elk Grove, CA, 95624


Phone: 916-668-0639


FAX: 916-454-2761




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Vendor Profile: Manufacturer of Hardscape Lighting products and the Q-Loc lighting Connector. Designed to make your lighting installations truly secure reliable and easier through our patented locking bolt.





Q-Loc Lighting Connector

The Q-Loc unique direct-burial, watertight design guarantees a secure connection, even while moving fixtures. The ability to group multiple connections, and color help it hide in the landscape.
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Business Services

Agriculture is the life force of California, and JPH is here to help link the grower, distributor and manufacturer together for a bountiful harvest.
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Q-Wrap Self-Fusing Drip Repair Tape

Q-Wrap Drip Repair Tape fixes leaky or broken Tubing, Pipe, Fittings, Hoses & More! It's self-fusing properties bond to itself, and not the tubing; giving it a permanent water and air-tight seal without getting gummy or sticky.
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