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NewLite Specialty Products, LLC


Address: 10463 Grant Line Road #116


City/State/Zip: Elk Grove, CA, 95624


Phone: 916-668-0639


FAX: 916-454-2761




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Vendor Profile: Manufacturer of Hardscape Lighting products and the Q-Loc lighting Connector. Designed to make your lighting installations truly secure reliable and easier through our patented locking bolt.





NewLite Stainless Recessed Light

The NewLite Stainless Steel Hardscape Light is designed to be recessed into pavers, stone, decks or any other hardscape outdoor surface. The 1 watt light is sealed within a stainless body allowing for the harshest outdoor elements. Lights can be surface mounted in as little as a 1-1/2" cored hole or countersunk in a 2" hole for heavy snow areas where shovels, blowers or plows may be used. o IP67 Engineered Waterproof Hardscape Light o Beam Spreads (2): 10⁰ & 45⁰ o #316 Stainless Steel Body designed for outdoor use o Voltage Range: 8v - 18v AC/DC o 1 watt / 100 Lumen Output o Optional Copper Top
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Q-Loc Lighting Connector/Q-Wrap

The Q-Loc unique direct-burial, watertight design guarantees a secure connection, even while moving fixtures. NewLite's next generation Q-Wrap is a self-bonding wrap made from a special high-quality silicone rubber compound which adheres to itself when wrapped under tension.
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Q-Wrap Self-Fusing Drip Repair Tape

Q-Wrap Drip Repair Tape fixes leaky or broken Tubing, Pipe, Fittings, Hoses & More! It's self-fusing properties bond to itself, and not the tubing; giving it a permanent water and air-tight seal without getting gummy or sticky.
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