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Vendor Profile: Since 1951, IRROMETER has been a leader in soil moisture measurement and management technologies. For landscape applications, the WATERMARK family of soil moisture management products is designed to work in conjunction with residential and commercial irrigation controllers. These devices optimize irrigation scheduling based on plant demand. They are simple to install and adjust for various plant and soil types.





Watermark Monitor

Watermark Monitor: This data-logger automatically reads soil moisture sensors. Readings are displayed in the field and stored automatically for later display on a personal computer.
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The WaterSwitch offers an inexpensive, simple option for most residential systems. It can be easily retro-fitted to existing systems or installed with new construction.
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Battery-Watermark Electronic Modules

The battery version WATERMARK Electronic Module WEM-B is designed to use with most battery powered controllers/valves. Using our patented soil moisture sensors, the system suspends irrigation when soil moisture is adequate.
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Wireless Multiple Hydrozone

Wireless Multiple Hydrozone System where extensive wire trenching is a concern. Manages up to 8 Hydrozones and as many as 48 valves. Irrigation is controlled via 2.4 GHZ radio nodes within 1000 ft range. The system works in conjunction with conventional irrigation controllers to eliminate unnecessary programmed irrigations when soil moisture is adequate.
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Wireless Multiple Hydrozone System

Wireless Multiple Hydrozone System intelligently manages up to 8 hydrozones served by as many as 48 valves. Works with an existing 24 VAC controller to optimize irrigation events.
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WATERMARK Electronic Module

WATERMARK Electronic Module works with irrigation controllers to improve scheduling efficiency based on plant demand by preventing irrigation cycles when soil moisture is wetter than the adjustable set point.
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Wireless Multiple Hydrozone System

The Wireless Multiple Hydrozone System saves money, water & energy, has moisture control for individual areas, has solar powered radio transmitters, reports watering history and irrigation water savings. It is also available as a wired system.
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