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Address: 2931 Rimpau Ave.


City/State/Zip: Corona, CA, 92881-3625


Phone: 951-737-6822


FAX: 951-737-9151




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Company Info: We manufacturer pressure regulators and flow controls for drip irrigation systems.





Pressure Surge Protection

Water is precious. So without truly efficient irrigation solutions, you are actually pouring money down the drain. Our easily installed products will change all that. Just as theyve been doing for savings-conscious customers around the world for more than a quarter-century. Whether for domestic or agricultural use, our irrigation innovations Flow Controls, Pressure Regulators, Hose Vacuum Breakers, Drip Manifold System Accessories deliver so many ways to save you two limited resources: precious water and money

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Pressure Regulator/Check Valve

Pressure Regulator/Check Valve 1/2?? Pressure regulator with built in check valve stops line drainage and erosion problems. Good solution for nurseries, greenhouses and landscape. Regulators are preset at the factory for 15,20,30 or 55 lbs.

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7000 Screen, PR700 Regulator

The 7000 screen and PR700 Regulator can be paired with any valve to provide the best in regulation and filtering. Both can be serviced from the top to make maintainence easy.

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FCC80 Flow Control Check Valve

A forerunner in the field of drip irrigation, Hendrickson has released their latest innovation the FCC80 Flow Control Check Valve. It's ideal for micro sprayer and fertigation operations.

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PR5800 Pressure Regulator

PR5800 Extra Duty Preset Pressure Regulator provides outstanding pressure control under the most rugged conditions. Built of high-strength materials, it's ideal for landscaping.

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PR 25-9

The PR 25-9 is an easy way to convert a standard spray or bubbler to low volume water conserving drip irrigation. Each outlet is pressure controlled to allow for 1 to 20 GPH. A separate pressure regulator is not required.

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PR8000 Pressure Regulator

Known for innovation in modern irrigation products, the PR8000 fills the need for a non-angled, straight-through regulator with the flexibility of 7 different preset pressures 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50 psi.

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PR8000 pressure regulator

A new addition to their lineup of high-flow, preset pressure regulators, PR8000 fills the need for a straight-through regulator with flexibility of 7 different pressures.

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March 18, 2018, 3:56 pm PDT

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