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Modern Touch Design


Address: 1525 S. La Cienega Blvd.


City/State/Zip: Los Angeles, CA, 90035


Phone: 800-280-7018






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Vendor Profile: Through years of experience in Modern Landscaping Design and Structure Renovations we noticed a growing need in different areas of Modern construction and exterior building materials.After long and careful research we were able to forge partnerships with some of the most reliable manufacturers of the high quality surfaces and other products we were looking to distribute to the industry. These quality products includea) Artificial Grass Turfs for landscaping and sports fields.b) Aluminum and steel posts for glass railing and balcony/pool barriers.c) Aluminum Composite Panels providing easy solutions to cover both exterior and interior walls and creating that modern look that lasts.We make these products easily available to builders and contractors at very competitive prices.





Modern Planter Box 08

Your garden never looked so good.
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Stainless Steel Modern Mailbox for Parcel PA5

The modern mailbox everyone needs these days.
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Glass Railings

Add value to your property with the ultimate modern look.
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