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Address: 199 Constitution Avenue, Suite 7


City/State/Zip: Portsmouth, NH, 03801


Phone: 603-319-8815






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Company Info: Therma-HEXX specializes in the creation of green building products that improve the way we heat and cool our environments. Inside and out. Therma-PANEL is a highly efficient modular heat exchange system that evenly distributes heat transfer fluid (water glycol or brine) through a panel containing turbulating flow channels for highly efficient energy transfer across the entire panel surface. Therma-PANEL is capable of efficient Snow Melting heating and cooling of outdoor and enclosed patios Solar Pool Heating Radiant Heating and Cooling of interior spaces and patio cooling. It is the only system that works with Pedestal Mounted Pavers.Visit our website at http// to learn more.






ThermaPANEL is a game changing system that converts your hardscape surface into a solar collector while efficiently melting snow in the winter as well. Heat and cool pedestal and ground mounted surfaces fast and efficiently.

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ThermaPANEL is a hydronic heating, cooling and thermal solar collection system for all hardscapes. The 23.5??x23.5??x1.4?? insulated panels install on top of the base material or on pedestals. Primary uses are snowmelting and solar heating.

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The invisible heat exchange system that efficiently melts snow, heats and cools outdoor and enclosed patios, solar heats pools and more.

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May 22, 2018, 10:04 pm PDT

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