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Multi-colored granite boulders

Multi-colored granite boulders available in a variety of sizes.

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Limestone Moss boulders

Rugged natural weathered limestone boulders with moss

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Natural irregular flagstone

Natural irregular flagstone available in a variety of thicknesses and shapes.

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Twilight Glow Fire Rocks

Fire rocks available in variety of colors and styles.

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Sandstone Moss boulders

Weathered sandstone boulders with moss

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Random sized brown sandstone

Random sized brown sandstone slabs for accent pieces or retaining walls.

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Bubbling boulders

Bubbling boulders available in a large range of colors.

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Multi-colored trap rock

Multi-colored trap rock in variety of colors for sitting rocks or accent pieces

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Quarried granite boulders

Quarried granite boulders rich with earth tones

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Glacial Ridge Boulder Steps

These beautiful Glacial Ridge Boulder Steps are 7?? thick with a thermal finish on both sides. They tend to be somewhat oval-shaped and are available in various lengths. Please contact us for further details and shipping info.

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May 26, 2018, 3:13 am PDT

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