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Address: 1020 B Street


City/State/Zip: Fillmore, CA, 93015


Phone: 800-552-6376


FAX: 805-524-1537




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Vendor Profile: We provide a diverse line of reliable concrete and steel lighting poles with world-class customer service. As a national leader in the manufacture of poles for street highway lighting and traffic poles our extensive line on poles can be used at airports parks sporting facilities parking lots and both residential and commercial developments. For over 75 years we have gone to great lengths to engineer and manufacture our products to industry leading standards of quality. Our experts work as an extension of your team to engineer manufacture and deliver to you the perfect solution leveraging our national manufacturing footprint to get you what you need on-time and on-budget.





Ameron(TM) Kodiak

Ameron(TM) Kodiak spun-cast concrete lighting poles were chosen for this master planned community where sustainability is at the heart of every detail. The color closely mimics the majestic white granite in the Wasatch Mountains to the east. The natural concrete and stone aggregates maintain a like new appearance with virtually no maintenance.

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Ameron(TM) M-Series Concrete Poles

During a recent campus renovation, attention was given to retaining classic architecture while adding high-tech sophistication. Ameron(TM) M-Series spun-cast concrete poles in Color 243A (White/White) looks pristine while withstanding constant kid-traffic and exposure to groundskeeping measures. This is a classic example of when to use a concrete pole.

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December 15, 2017, 7:46 am PST

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