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Address: 168 S. Pacific St.


City/State/Zip: San Marcos, CA, 92078


Phone: 706-603.3269






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Company Info: Wholesale Shade is a local Made in America business selling shade sails. We are striving to better the shade sail industry with a more affordable well built do it yourself backyard shade sails. Our goal is to help the do it yourselfers transform their backyards with a little help from our videos and customer service. At Shazeebo we believe that form follows function. Our shade sails are designed to provide shade at a high quality and to provide a product that lasts. Our shades are made with high quality fabric and tenara thread the corners of our shade sails are double reinforced. So if there is a hole drilled into a bracket or a stitch sewn into a shade sails corner weave researched it tested it and modified it to make sure we are giving our customers a high quality shade sail . The combination of our extensive testing and single minded passion f or shade sails results in remarkable beautiful shade designs. The feeling of offering the best products on the market is the fuel that fires our company.If you ares you considering a shade sail purchase always remember Wholesale Shade is there for you through the whole process. Feel free to call or e-mail us we are waiting for you.





Wholesale Shade

Wholesale Shade shade sail corners are available with D Ring Thimbles made specifically for shade sails. Marine grade 316 stainless steel is used so that they stay looking good for the life of the sail. We offer this style of corner in 3 sizes for 3/16??, 1/4?? and 3/8?? diameter cable. Attachments can be direct with only a shackle or you can attach a turnbuckle between your post and the sail. Your customers will appreciate the look of strength and durability that this corner offers.

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Wholesale Shade

Wholesale Shade custom shade sails are made to your specifications and usually ship within 2 weeks. We offer top quality Comtex and Commercial 95 as well as Architec 400, Monotec and Ferrari shade cloth. Our stainless steel D Ring Thimble corners are easy to install and reduce stress on the perimeter cable. Tenara thread is used throughout the sail so that you will never have an issue with seams coming apart. We check your field dimensions and alert you if we find a problem, no more fit failures due to measurement errors or transposing numbers. We make it easy for you to be in the shade sail business.

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Wholesale Shade

Offering wall plates that are used to attach your shade sail, perfect for a house that is built of wood, block or brick.

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