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Address: 5760 40th St


City/State/Zip: Lubbock, TX, 79407


Phone: 806-702-4919


FAX: 866-913-4908




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Company Info: About AquaSmart Were an advanced technology company with a number of patented processes that when used in conjunction with certain products produce unique water retention water savings and other benefits through engineered performance. Specifically the patented processes relate to using super absorbent polymers and other materials to coat a variety of substrates such as silica sand hydraulic fracturing sand cement and mortar sand grass seed agricultural seed fertilizers and certain other agricultural and turf products. Additionally a number of coated substrates can be blended with growing media grass and turf materials to form blends that when applied for agricultural commercial or retail home owner use result in increased germination plant grass and turf growth and reduced soil compaction along with water saving benefits as much as 60 or more depending on application type soil and climate conditions.AquaSmart believes that water conservation now and in the future is a paramount concern for the earths growing population and believes its technology directly addresses and aids in many forms to the solution of this growing problem.





Coated Fertilizers

We coat various types of fertilizers with a unique polymer coating processes. Coated fertilizers get nutrients into the growing soil.

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AquaSmart Pro

AquaSmart Pro is an engineered and patented sand that has shown up to 50 percent reductions in watering frequencies in new seed, sod and plant installations.

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March 20, 2018, 1:05 am PDT

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