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Address: 2 Neil Court


City/State/Zip: Oceanside, NY, 11572


Phone: 516-594-0364


FAX: 516-594-0377




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Company Info: For over 60 years National Metal Industries has been one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of metal fencing on the East Coast. National Metal industries offers an extensive inventory of pipe both galvanized and color-coated along with a full-line of fittings and hardware for any residential or commercial fence. Our welding department can create both residential and commercial gates to size. We stock a huge selection of privacy slats and accessories from permanent hedge to aluminum and plastic slats. We have many different types to choose from.





Forever Green Hedge & Wing

We offer residential and commercial aluminum ornamental railing and fencing. Vinyl rail, fencing & eco-friendly stone textured selections for design and functionality. You can see our chain link, privacy slats, hedge and safety top-cap in little league and major sport arenas or schools and commercial properties across the country.

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Winged Slats

Winged Slats have the proven quality and durability of our standard slats, plus unique "wings" for extra screening and security. These slats are self-locking -- no channels are needed.

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Windscreen & Custom Windscreen

Blocks up to 90% of the Sun's harmful rays - Will not fade, shrink, mold and mildew - 90% visibility blockage - Applicable for all season, mildew and mold free - Water & UV resistant fabric - 75% Privacy - Color: Green. Our windscreen is designed specifically for outdoor fence durability and to withstand rigorous environments. Available with or without grommets. We also offer personalized windscreen. Full color fence murals and logos can be applied to any of our windscreens. Print corporate logos, team logos, architectural renderings, mascots or anything you'd like to display on your fence. Fence logos are one of the most cost effective forms of advertisement that you can buy, especially in a high visibility area.

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ADA Railing

Our selection of secondary handrail systems meets form and function. Many buildings codes now require graspable secondary handrails on decking and railing projects, these durable secondary handrail systems are attractive and versatile enough to meet any installation challenge.

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Aluminum Railing

With four distinctive picket styles to choose from, you'll find it easy to match both the architectural style of your home and your personal style preferences. Whether your home has a contemporary or traditional style, you can choose a railing that's compatible with it. Picket choices include Standard Square Pickets, Twisted Pickets, Hammered Pickets, and Collar Pickets with distinctive detailing that can be arranged at whatever height you choose. You can also choose your own alternating pattern for a look that's unique to your home (Collar Pickets alternating with Standard Square Pickets, for example.) There's even a traditional, decorative pattern that can be alternated with the pickets to achieve a wrought-iron look.

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ForeverGreen Privacy Hedge Slats

Our Hedge transforms open-space chain link fencing into a beautiful private enclosure. ForeverGreen blends naturally into any landscape, without the maintenance, water or trimming of foliage. Standard heights of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 feet. For heights exceeding 7 feet, we recommend using (2) two half sizes (i.e. for 10 ft. fence, use two 5 ft. hedge.) This will help during installation and will not lessen privacy. Approximately 95% (based on wire/mesh used-stretch tension) wind load and privacy factor.

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Reflective Slats

Our Reflective Fence Inserts are durable, rigid plastic strips with highly reflective abrasion resistant weatherproof tape. These inserts are easy to install and fasten in a chain link fence system either diagonally, horizontally or vertically. This product is ideal for gates and sections of fence where visibility is critical, especially at night.

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Winged Privacy Slats

Our unique patented design includes a rigid, flat-tubular body with "legs" inside for extra support. Flexible and resilient wing portions are positioned on each side of the slat body. Serrations are added to the wings for easier installation and locking power. Standard heights of 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 feet. For heights exceeding 7 feet, we recommend using (2) two half sizes (i.e. for 10 ft. fence use two 5 ft. slats.) This will help during installation and will not lessen privacy. Approximately 90% (based on wire/mesh used-stretch tension) wind load and privacy factor.

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Top Lock Privacy Slats

Top-Locking Slats are flat and tubular in shape, with circular, notched-out holes located near the top of the slat. Standard heights of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 12 feet. Flexible, top-locking channel: also available in a continuous 200 foot reel for larger jobs. Approximately 75% wind load and privacy factor.

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Transforms open-space chain link fencing into a beautiful, private, protective enclosure. Get the natural appearance of a finely groomed hedge without the maintenance, watering or trimming with our Forevergreen Hedge Slats.

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