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Address: 6056 Corte del Cedro


City/State/Zip: Carlsbad, CA, 92011


Phone: 760-707-5400


FAX: 760-598-9888




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Company Info: Planters Unlimited specializes in commercial grade landscape products for architects landscape architects interior designers contractors and the savvy homeowner. Over the last decade Planters Unlimited has become a trusted source providing unparalleled craftsmanship along with a spirit of collaboration with our clients bringing their visions to reality!

- Fiberglass
- GFRC (Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete)
- Composite PVC
- Stainless Steel
- WoodSite Amenities!
- Hanging baskets and brackets
- Dock and storage boxes
- Benches
- Trash Receptacles

Artificial Plants!
- Hedges
- Green walls and Privacy screens- Topiaries
- Bamboo
- Trees shrubs and flowering vines

Unlimited shapes sizes finishes materials and colors! Made to withstand with elements - whether the sun (via UV protection) wind (via internal iron grid structure) or even fire (via fire retardant material). The possibilities are endless!
We have custom projects done for high-profile clients such as
- Disneyland
- Hard Rock- Paramount Studios
- Starbucks
- HD Supply
- HGTVs Curb Appeal
- Louis Vuitton
- DIY Networks King of Dirt

Visit us! At where a broader assortment of products can be found! We would love to hear from you at (888-320-0626) or email to help you find what you need or assist you with your custom project!





Modern Fiberglass Planter with Illuminated Toe Kick

Light up your landscape! The dramatic downlighting on this modern planter helps illuminate outdoor spaces. The recessed toe kick holds a strip of LED lights. This feature can be added to many of our fiberglass planters, custom shapes and sizes available. For more information, or an illuminated Planter quote call: 888-320-0626.

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The Modern Collection

Enjoy combined sophistication and durability with the Modern Planter made from fiberglass. These customizable commercial planters are durable, lightweight, and weatherproof. Their clean contemporary lines provide a palette to paint your landscape with. Either group together for a dramatic effect, form clusters and create spaces or single out for a distinct focal point. The possibilities are endless!

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Weathered Stone

Weathered stone made from lightweight precast concrete has the stippled texture of concrete at a 1/4 the weight. The sleek look of weathered stone will compliment other commercial site amenities and outdoor furniture. They are great to section off large spaces, delineate boundaries, and line walkways in commercial, retail and hospitality spaces.

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Cast Stone

Cast Stone planters made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete at 1/4 the weight of typical stone planters. Cast stone planters are easier to transport and install and have a greater flexural strength than standard concrete. They can be used to partition off spaces in large areas, define property boundaries, direct foot traffic, create privacy, and conceal unwanted views.

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Stainless Steel

At Planters Unlimited, our modern chrome steel-bending and welding capabilities enable us to manufacture decorative stainless steel planters in nearly any design. Whether square, rectangular or round in shape, with straight or tapered silhouettes, let us create the stainless steel planters ideally suited to your next project. Brushed or polished finishes are available.

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Planters Unlimited offers beautiful wood planters in several varieties. Reclaimed wood has a distressed look derived from recycled wood that is ideal for wineries and rustic environments. Our Redwood planters are robust in color with innate strength. We also have Cedar planters that have a universal appeal for both luxurious and classic properties. We offer several designs!

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Planters on Castors

Planters Unlimited builds planters with rolling castors perfect for creating flexible, changeable spaces for patios, store displays, flex office spaces and more! We use heavy duty, outdoor-rated castors sized appropriately for your planter and environment. If you are looking for an easy way to create an attractive, moveable setting - let Planters Unlimited help you achieve your vision.

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Commercial furniture bring functionality and style to any park, public street, shopping center or office. Available to order with bench, built-in planters or artificial hedges and plants for a "green" look. Our benches are suitable for indoor and outdoor commercial seating made from weatherproof, watertight fiberglass. Choose from several styles that offer contemporary and wood grain finishes.

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Dock Boxes

Dock Boxes are multi-purpose, decorative outdoor storage well-suited to residential or commercial settings. Fiberglass dock box characteristics include rot and corrosion resistance, low maintenance use, streamlined visual appeal, and performance in salty and marine climates. Each dock box is also fitted with stainless steel hydraulic hardware, lid locks for security and are available on castors.

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Trash Receptacles

Add functional and attractive trash bins to commercial properties with our assortment of waste receptacle products. Our line of indoor and outdoor fiberglass trash bins are notable for their lightweight, weather-resistant durability and match a variety of our planters. These commercial trash bins focus on a smart combination of utility and design.

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Making planters self-watering is easy with planter reservoir inserts to produce long-lasting irrigation without continuous maintenance. Our reservoirs are available in multiple pre-fabricated shapes and sizes for large and small planters. You can also tier several in various levels in your planter for high and low plant roots. They work with our planters, hanging baskets and window boxes!

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Hanging Baskets

Beautify your municipality, courtyard, streetscape or home with our timeless English Garden Hanging Baskets! Our black wrought iron hanging baskets, combined with a coconut core liner, fiberglass insert and water reservoir provide low-maintenance solution to keep your flowers beautiful year round! Also, pair these with our artificial azalea bushes and vines, ferns or succulents for a year-round plantscape solution!

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English Garden Wall Planter

Give your space a sense of grandeur with the English Garden Wrought Iron Wall Planter. Use our fiberglass insert or coconut coir liner for a modern or traditional appeal. Dress up your interior or exterior with a little color by populating with our low maintenance artificial flowers and vines.

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Break up your space with one of our durably crafted trellises without breaking up the beauty of your patio, balcony or dining area. Completely customizable in design, size, color and shape to compliment your contemporary or traditional aesthetic. Populate with any of our UV-resistant foliage, vines, flowers and bushes. Then top the planter with moss, soil, sand or rock for a finishing touch.

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Our Marek fiberglass outdoor planters are the primary choice for commercial designers, municipal planners and homeowners alike. With their clean, geometric lines, these modern planters fit in well with any contemporary design scheme. The toe-kick provides illumination capabilities and can also create a seamless perimeter in a grouping.

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Enjoy combined sophistication and durability with the Modern Planter made from fiberglass. These customizable commercial planters are durable, lightweight, and weatherproof. Their clean contemporary lines provide a palette to paint your landscape with. Either group together for a dramatic effect, form clusters and create spaces or single out for a distinct focal point. The possibilities are endless!

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Illuminated Planters

Light up your landscape! The dramatic down-lighting on this fiberglass planter helps illuminate outdoor spaces, while also giving plants a place to grow. The recessed toe kick at the planter's base holds a strip of LED lights. We can add this feature to many of our fiberglass planters, in all custom shapes and sizes.

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The Madera fiberglass planter delivers on both visual appeal and functionality. The faux wood finish offers realistic grain dimension without the worry of real wood rot or warping damage. It delivers a warm contemporary feel in five finishes of mahogany, walnut, teak, cherry or washed pine. Integrates flawlessly with contemporary and transitional retail, hotel, shopping mall and other commercial spaces.

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Custom Planters

We manufacture custom planters without custom prices. We offer unlimited choices of materials, shapes, colors, and finishes.

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The Brockton

The Brockton by Planters Unlimited features a modern textured panel design. You have all the benefits of a commercial grade, lightweight, fiberglass container that is made to order any size.

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The Baxter

The Baxter is constructed using fiberglass panels molded from board formed concrete resulting in a commercial grade lightweight container, made to order any size.

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Customizable Products

At Planters Unlimited we can display custom logos throughout commercial properties providing fully customizable products that are unique to each site. Stand out from the crowd and further express your brand and image with site amenities.

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Cast Stone Collection

Our Cast Stone Collection provides contemporary and traditional styling with size and color options to meet your needs. Handcrafted by local artisans, the Aria and Modern Round planters are fully customizable. The Aria presents an antiquities look while the Modern Rounds provide untold versatility. For more information, call 1-877-613-1449 for a quote today.

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Modern Collection

Modern Collection specializes in commercial grade planters providing unlimited choices of materials, shapes, sizes and colors. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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The Oslo is loved not only for its stylish contemporary features but also its long-lasting durability. Its sleek walls coincide with wood grain panels for an ultra-modern, artisan appeal. This planter is created from light-weight fiberglass and is available in endless size, shape and color combination choices.

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