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Address: 4661 Monaco Street


City/State/Zip: Denver, CO, 80216


Phone: 303-355-2344






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Company Info: Coyote Landscape Products produces and stocks high quality easy to install steel landscape edging. Coyote Landscape Products steel edging is available in a variety of finishes gauges and depths. Our traditional steel edging is available in plated or raw finishes. We also offer painted edging in Green Brown and Black powder coated finishes. All of our edging is manufactured for superior durability on state-of-the-art roll forming equipment. Our EcoEdge painted edging uses EcoCoat a high-tech environmentally friendly powder coating process that ensures the most durable and consistent finish available.





Coyote Edging Corner Pieces (no stake pockets)

Need a perfect 90° angle in your landscape design? Coyote Landscape Products has developed corner pieces bent to a 90° corner at 12 inches. These handy pieces are now available with or without stake pockets. When used without stake pockets, simply install with 10-inch edge pins. Corner pieces are available in raw, galvanized, black, brown or green.

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TOUGHEdge(TM) is a heavy duty product that's ideal for use in hardscapes, high-traffic areas and commercial applications. Available in 11 gauge, 3/16" and 1/4" thickness, this edging is durable, yet flexible enough to meet most design criteria. Comes in 4", 5" and 6" height. Available finishes include green, brown or black EcoCoat, as well as galvanized. For a more natural look, we offer raw steel that self-colors over time.

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RawEdge(TM) is now available in 6" height and interlocking pocket style! RawEdge(TM) isn't plated or powder coated, which allows the steel to oxidize and weather to a natural patina giving an aged, rustic appearance that compliments today's design concepts.

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Steel Edging

Coyote has added new accessories! ARBORedge(TM) Tree Rings keep trees healthy and provide a permanent, maintenance-free barrier. Coyote Corner Pieces are bent to a 90? angle at 12 inches for greater convenience. Coyote Start and Stop Pieces are suited for either end of punched edging and provide a finished look.

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RawEdge Steel Landscape Edging

Choose RawEdge??? steel landscape edging unplated/uncoated steel landscape edging for a natural look. Naturally oxidizes over time; with or without stake pockets.

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EcoCoat Powder Coating

Coyote Landscape Products are made from America??s most recycled material???steel. Our EcoCoat??? powder coating process has virtually no VOCs or waste, with low energy use. We also offer plated, raw and perforated steel edging products. Our rolled edge, available in both 14 and 16 gauge, provides additional safety for pets and owners alike.

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Tree rings

ARBORedge(TM) Tree Rings keep trees healthy and provide a permanent, maintenance-free barrier. Coyote Corner Pieces are bent to a 90? angle at 12 inches for greater convenience.

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Located strategically, PERFEDGE will keep water from pooling in unwanted locations. Available in 16, 18, or 20 gauge. Comes in galvanized, black, brown or green powder coat finish.

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