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Company Info: This new product addresses the inadequacies of conventional ways of stabilizing trees with heavy metal stakes and steel wire. Tree Stabilizer Kits are designed to stabilize the root ball while allowing natural movement of the canopy for a stronger trunk root system. This new product when installed is nearly invisible to the eye. Each Kit comes with everything you need to stabilize the tree. The Kits provide deep root watering time release fertilization water conservation oxygenation and ensure a safe environment for children to play without the threat of injury from rusty metal stakes and nearly invisible wire. We worked for two years on developing a product thats sole purpose is to aide in the installation of trees said Jim Ammons President of U.P.I Manufacturing L.P. Working directly with landscapers Tree Stabilizer Kits solve many of the problems faced when installing and stabilizing trees. Our Kits come packaged with everything needed to plant a new tree and in most cases for less money than conventional ways. No longer does a homeowner or contractor have to use fencing supplies and cut good water hose to plant and stabilize a tree. With 4 patents and patents pending UPI Manufacturing L.P. believes the days of unsightly and potentially dangerous metal tree stakes will soon be behind us. Tree Stabilizer Kits will offer consumers and landscapers a more efficient and Eco Friendly way to properly plant and stabilize a tree. Please visit the Tree Stabilizer Kit website at





Tree Stabilizer Kit

Kits provide natural movement of the tree, deep root watering, fertilization, appealing appearance and safety for kids from dangerous metal stakes and wires.

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Tree Stabilizer Kit

To stabilize a newly planted tree, all you need is your Tree Stabilizer Kits, a hammer and the installation tool. (There is no need for heavy metal stakes, water hose, wire, wire cutters, or a fence post driver.)

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Tree Stabilizer Kit

Tree Stabilizer Kits support newly planted trees without the need of ugly and dangerous stakes and wires. Stabilization is at ground level. The Kits also provide deep root watering and oxygen to the roots.

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May 27, 2018, 8:39 am PDT

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