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Address: 5461 West Jefferson


City/State/Zip: Los Angeles, CA, 90016


Phone: 877-512-6533


FAX: 323-677-4243




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Company Info: Coloronix Outdoor Color Changing LightingSave energy and make a colorful splash in your landscape with these Color Changing LED Flood Lights to achieve any color in the color spectrum. They come in 24VDC or 120VAC input with a stand-alone on-board controls for easy setup with no extra computer required. Additionally they can be hooked up to a computer based controller to create custom scenes and colors in minutes.Custom shows can be called up by day or hour to help save energy and employ the LED light exactly when needed.Using patented Philips Color Tuning technology these RGBW fixtures actually have White colored LEDs on top of RGB LEDs in order to get a true white light output along with any pastel color desired.They are available in various wattages and configurations to make it the perfect fit for any landscape upgrade.




May 27, 2018, 3:02 am PDT

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