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Vendor Profile: Founded in 1989 LockeyUSA is a North American manufacturer of high-quality door and gate hardware including keyless locks hydraulic gate closers and panic hardware. LockeyUSA has expanded significantly and that growth is a product of the companys commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. LockeyUSAs mission is to simplify and enhance door and gate security by manufacturing products that solve challenges and inconveniences associated with traditional door and gate hardware.





LockeyUSA Panic Shield Security Kit

Panic Shield Kits by LockeyUSA allow users to convert gates into panic exits, creating free egress. Kits are available in three different varieties: Value, Safety and Security. Security Kits include a 24-inch panic shield, panic bar, LockeyUSA mechanical keyless panic trim, gate box, and a Max-Guard to prevent tampering.
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Panic Hardware Kits

Convert gates into panic exits using panic shields compatible with LockeyUSA and DETEX panic bars. Shields are available in 12- and 24-inch lengths with a black or silver finish.
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Gate Boxes

LockeyUSA's full selection of gate boxes are designed to house LockeyUSA keyless entry locks and can be mounted on both new and existing gate configurations. Available in both aluminum and steel, LockeyUSA offers a compatible gate box for most of their mechanical keyless entry systems.
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Adjustable Hydraulic Gate Closers

Our TB250+, 450+ & 650+ Adjustable Hydraulic Gate Closers offer a smooth close, closing both small and large gates up to 250 pounds. They feature an adjustable closing speed & constant closing pressure; ensuring gates close smooth and gentle.
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