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Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, Inc.Click For Directions


Address: 2617 West Woodland Drive


City/State/Zip: Anaheim, CA, 92801


Phone: 888-315-9037


FAX: 886-308-9719




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Vendor Profile: Greenfields Outdoor Fitness designs unique outdoor gyms with myriads of activities for users at all fitness levels. Greenfields Signature Accessible line offers fantastic equipment for wheelchair users and the adjustable Professional Series units provide adjustable resistance for a customized workout. A free fun outdoor gym is the 1 community amenity!





Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Experienc

New for 2017: The Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Experience challenges with a wide range of unparalleled activities! Great cardio workouts on the Adjustable Stepper, functional fitness activities on the 13-Person Cross Fitness Rig, high-intensity training on the Kickboxing Station, low-impact stretching and strengthening on the 2-Person Ski and Lower Body Combo. A world-class outdoor gym at your park!

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Greenfields Functional Fitness Rig

Is your community up for the challenge? The new Functional Fitness Rig from Greenfields accommodates 15 users and features advanced exercises and stations to create a rigorous workout experience all in one unit. Exercises include split squats, cannonball pull-ups, leg raises, dips, incline ladder, Swedish ladder, and many more.

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New for 2017 - the Upgraded Large Signature Accessible Sample Package!

NEW in 2017 - the Upgraded Large Signature Accessible Sample Package! Greenfields' Large Signature Accessible Sample Package sets the standard for inclusion with a wide variety of exercises for both the able-bodied and those in wheelchairs. The unique Signature Accessible units accommodate those in wheelchairs without requiring them to transfer, while also serving the able-bodied on the reverse side.

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Adjustable Vertical Press

Adjustable resistance allows for a challenging workout no matter the fitness level of the user.

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4-Person Pendulum, Abs & Dips

Stretching and strengthening for entry level to advanced users, all on one footprint!

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Signature Accessible Senior Packag

The Signature Accessible Senior Package gives seniors a wide variety of low-impact workouts in an unintimidating, social setting. This package prioritizes inclusion with five stations build for wheelchair users.

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Adjustable Arm Curl

One of Greenfields' most challenging upper body units, the Adjustable Arm Curl provides a great strengthening exercise for biceps and forearms. Resistance can be varied according to the fitness level of the user.

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4-Person Leg Press

One of Greenfields' most popular exercise units, the 4-Person Leg Press, now features a new updated slick design. This fantastic unit promotes fun, social and safe physical activity in public spaces and is part of the exciting product offering by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness!

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13-Person Cross Fitness Rig

Greenfields brings new opportunities for high-intensity workouts with the 13-Person Cross Fitness Rig. Dips. Pull-ups. Push-ups. Crunches. Leg raises. Wall ball. And more! A cornerstone of Greenfields' Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Experience, the Rig provides a full-body workout for advanced users. Embrace the challenge of functional fitness with Greenfields!

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Kickboxing Station

Add a truly unique feature to your outdoor gym! Greenfields' rugged Kickboxing Station lets users kick their workouts into high gear.

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2-Person Cross Country Ski

A perennial favorite with park users, Greenfields' 2-Person Cross Country Ski makes the outdoor workout a fun, social experience.

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Greenfields for Schools

Greenfields' fitness equipment is a perfect match for schools and colleges, enabling students at various levels of fitness to enjoy activity in the fresh air and get away from their mobile devices, while socializing with their peers. Fitness zones at schools can also serve as joint-use areas, giving the rest of the community the chance to enjoy the equipment after school hours. Greenfields' School Incentive Program provides assistance to schools looking to create outdoor fitness areas for their students.

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Fitness Trails

Greenfields makes the perfect addition to trails, giving users a chance to fit in strengthening and stretching activities in addition to cardio. Both urban and wilderness trails are ideal for Greenfields' units.

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Professional Series Adjustable Stepper

Greenfields' Adjustable Stepper offers a fantastic cardio and lower-body workout. Varying resistance levels offer a challenge to a range of users.

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Accessibility Plus Package

Our Accessibility Plus Package sets the standard for inclusion. With 26 standard and six accessible stations, fitness is within reach for nearly everyone!

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Signature Accessible Exercise Equipment

Endorsed by U.S. Paralympian Jennifer French, Greenfields' Signature Accessible exercise equipment allows those with mobility impairments to enjoy outdoor fitness zones alongside the rest of the community.

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Professional Series by Greenfields

Greenfields' Professional Series: Adjustable Resistance for the Most Customized Experience Yet. The fifteen adjustable outdoor fitness units in the revolutionary Professional Series provide a complete workout for users at nearly any level of fitness. Give community members a great way to enhance their physical fitness with Greenfields.

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December 14, 2017, 12:35 pm PST

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