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Block Shear LLCClick For Directions


Address: 1116 Castle Shannon Blvd.


City/State/Zip: Pittsburgh, PA, 15234


Phone: 412-445-0703


FAX: 412-235-6743




Contact: More Information


Company Info: Block Shear portable stone working tools vastly increases the speed of splitting and shaping of large and small stones of all above types with large labor savings. Typically the payback period is only a few weeks. The increase in efficiency that this equipment delivers is so significant that it usually pays for the equipment cost on the first project.Block Shear hydraulic splitters are activated either manually or Air-assist-Activated. In either variant its the hydraulics that turn our splitter into power tools as compared with still commonly used labor-intensive (manual) block and stone cutting and splitting methods.




March 17, 2018, 9:26 am PDT

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