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Address: 6301 E Stassney Lane Building 6, Suite 400


City/State/Zip: Austin, TX, 78744


Phone: 512-279-5020


FAX: 512-279-5030




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Versa Accent Lighting

A variety of sizes, light output, and beam spreads for a broad range of commercial and landscape projects. The Versa family of LED machined accent lighting from Illumitex is the perfect solution for projects including landscape, ornamental trees, statues, signage, flag lighting, columns and other decorative features. Using Illumitex??s optically engineered precision beam LEDs, the Versa VS (detail accent), Versa VM (the most versatile lighting option) and Versa VL (high beam) deliver the right amount of high quality light directly to the intended target. Available in a variety of colors and configurations, the possibilities for sophisticated and beautiful lighting solutions are infinite.

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LED Package

We??ve radically transformed traditional LED design and greatly increased functionality with the creation of an LED package that emits light in a uniform.

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May 26, 2018, 5:10 am PDT

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