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Address: 42319 Winchester Rd., Ste. F


City/State/Zip: Temecula, CA, 92590


Phone: 949-702-5333






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Company Info: The first and only locking tie down strap for open bed trucks and trailers. Perfect for locking up the stuff quickly to keep the honest person honest. We used combination locking carabiners on both ends of the straps and incorporated a stainless steel cable in between the nylon straps. They are heavy duty quality tie down straps that also detour 90 of theft.






The first and only combination locking tie-down strap!

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All-in-one combo lock and tie-down strap 2 combo locking carabiners on each strap, no keys!

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Protect your stuff! With the only tie-down strap that keeps your valuables safe! ?? Steel cable inside entire length of strap ?? 2 combination locking carabiners ?? Soft tie extensions

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First & only combination locking tie-down strap 2 combo locking carabiners on each strap, no keys! The locking carabiners won??t come loose or detach like normal tie-down hooks

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May 27, 2018, 10:09 am PDT

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