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Address: 2356 Research Drive


City/State/Zip: Livermore, CA, 94550


Phone: 925-371-0796


FAX: 925-371-0310




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Company Info: INFACO SAS France invented the concept of battery-operated pruning shears back in 1984 and is today the world leader in its field.Today the company is still operated as a family business and offers a full range of battery-operated professional tools including Electrocoup Battery-operated pruning shear Powercoup Battery-operated saw de-suckering and hedge-trimmer tool Electroliv Battery-operated olive harvester A3M Battery-operated tying deviceVisit our website and online store.





ELECTROCOUP Pruning Shears

The new F3010 generation of ELECTROCOUP pruning shears, are much more than ordinary electronic pruning shears. This tool enables you to change the cutting head according to the type of work you are doing. Optimize your investment with a single tool for many different uses.

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Battery-Operated Powercoup

Infaco??s battery-operated Powercoup has interchangeable saw or hedge-trimmer heads and a variety of extensions that eliminate the need for ladders. The saw??s clean cuts minimize risk of tree disease, while the hedge-trimmer??s incline-adjusting system allows landscapers to work quickly and comfortably. Your customers will love this noise-free, fume-free experience!

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