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Address: 2700 Avenger Dr. Ste 108


City/State/Zip: Virginia Beach, VA, 23452


Phone: 844-752-7262






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Company Info: Plascoat has been working in the thermoplastic powder coating industry for over 60 years and has a unique blend of experience from formulation and powder manufacture to coating and equipment. Today we combine this knowledge and understanding of the market to design the best protective thermoplastic powder coatings available.We have a wide range of products to deal with all coating scenarios from harsh corrosive environments to the coating of playground equipment and pride ourselves on having the greenest and safest solutions in the industry.





Plascoat Systems, Ltd.

Plascoat, the world??s largest cryogenic thermoplastic powder manufacturer, makes one of the most versatile coatings available on the market today. Plascoat PPA 571 will deliver the best monetary value over the lifetime of your outdoor furniture.

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Plascoat Systems Limited

PPA 571 is the ideal coating for play structures. It is warm to the touch and does not crack, chip or suffer from impact damage.

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Plascoat Systems Ltd.

Plascoat?? PPA 571 polyolefin coating, available in a range of colors, will deliver the best value for money over the lifetime of your street furniture.

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Polyolefin Powder Coatings for Metal Fences and Street Furniture

Plascoat Systems Corp. supply a range of repairable polyolefin powder coatings for metal fences and street furniture that produce exceptionally durable, very long lasting and cosmetically attractive finishes, with no requirement for a primer.

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