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Address: 30 Brickyard Rd


City/State/Zip: Troy, NY, 12182-1613


Phone: 518-235-4808


FAX: 518-235-4756




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Company Info: TLLR started in 2010 becoming a 501(c)(3) public charity in 2011. Our mission is to share knowledge about landscape lighting and preserve it's history. We put on Landscape Lighting Institute courses, a 5-day, 4-night hands on workshop and a pruning course which encompasses mounting fixtures in trees and pruning for the health of trees and to enhance a trees' lit appearance. Contact us at 518-235-4808.





Janet Moyer

LED 1 and 2-watt units are small enough to recess into this rainwall at predetermined aimed angles to create accent lighting on the spillways, ferns, the rainwall and on the back wall six inches behind the rain wall. The fixtures have quick-disconnect hardware for removal and replacement.

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Janet Moyer

Three replacement LED MR16 lamps were tested against halogen MR 16 lamps. Two of the LED lamps tested (left and center) were 2700??k. Compared with MR16 halogen lamps, their color was warmer, with less green tinge. The beam spread had intensity at the center and blended into the field with no striations, rings or any patterning. Note that the wattage and beam spread are not the same, which is one issue specifiers are grappling with in lighting today. Also, note that LED chip configurations vary. The middle 10-watt bulb uses only one LED chip, compared with four for the left one, and three for the right one. However, the single chip has stronger base material to operate at a higher current.

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Janet Moyer

We can light trees with many different light sources???several types of halogen low-voltage sources, metal halide and LEDs???to create stunning effects. One of these four trees was lit at the 2009 Landscape Lighting Institute ( with only LED sources, but you ???can??t tell?? which one it is.

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