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Address: 9 Matthews Drive Unti A1-A2


City/State/Zip: East Haddam, CT, 06423


Phone: 800-504-8008


FAX: 877-434-3197




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Company Info: The BMP SNOUT stormwater quality improvement system with accessories like the Bio-Skirt and TrashScreenTM provide affordable structural solutions to help with todays Low Impact Development (LID) requirements.The SNOUT offers reductions in gross pollutants such as floatables and trash as well as free oils and sediment. The Bio-Skirt reduces bacteria and more effectively captures and retains hydrocarbons. The Stainless TrashScreen offers the highest level of gross pollutant removal including Full Trash Capture designation.Municipalities state and federal agencies the military transportation and maritime industries retailers and restaurants as well as residential and commercial land developers seeking sustainability have installed more than 51000 SNOUT oil-water-debris separators as stormwater BMPs since 1999.






Over 60,000 BMP SNOUTs are reducing trash, floatables, oil and sediment from stormwater discharges. See CAD drawings and pricing at our website.

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BMP SNOUT stormwater quality hoods

Over 65,000 BMP SNOUT stormwater quality hoods are improving the sustainability of LID projects. This system reduces trash, floatables, oil, and sediment from stormwater discharges. See CAD drawings and pricing at Made in the USA.

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May 22, 2018, 12:36 am PDT

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