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Pacific Interlock PavingstoneClick For Directions


Address: 1895 San Felipe Rd.


City/State/Zip: Hollister, CA, 95023


Phone: 831-637-9163


FAX: 831-637-0756




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Company Info: Pacific Interlocks commitment to preserving our natural resources has lead to a major breakthrough in paving stone production Hydro-Flo (tm) Technology. It is the ONLY TRULY PERMEABLE (no gaps) concrete paver. With 100 surface permeability our patented pavers still meet all ASTM requirements for concrete pavers and expand our existing line of standard permeable pavers.





Plank Paver icon name

NEW!! PLANK PAVER 6x24, 60 mm (pedestrian only). Bring the modern style and class of Pacific Interlock's Plank Pavers to any pedestrian installation. Two distinctive finishes can create smooth, sleek surfaces with smaller chamfers and joints or reproduce the classic look of wood grain decking. Utilize the variety of available colors in Standard or Hydro-Flo to create precise repeating patterns or random mosaic designs. Whether for commercial or residential applications, the Plank Paver is ideal for any patio, walkway or courtyard.

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Plaza Tx-Sm name

NEW!! PLAZA PAVER 8x16, 70mm Our Plaza Paver evokes a sense of simple grandeur that everyone can enjoy. Create a luxurious courtyard to introduce a park-like element to your project. With the choice of standard, textured and Vision surfaces and plenty of color options, the Plaza Paver is sure to match any environment for years to come.

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HF Installation - color

PERMEABLE BASE INSTALLATION ASTM C33 fine aggregate joint material. Hydro-Flo Technology Pavers. 1"-2" No 8 aggregate bedding course. 4"-6" No 57 stone open-graded base. 2"-3" No 2 drain stone Sub-Base (varies with design Native Soil Subgrade.)

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Holland Storefront

See the ADVANTAGES!! 100% surface permeability. ADA Compliant. Stronger than poured concrete. Commercial or Residential use. Use side by side with regular pavers. Supports surrounding vegetation. Eliminates slip hazards.

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Compare Pavers

The CHOICE is CLEAR! The only truly permeable concrete paver. Water goes directly through the pavers. No Large Gaps (only 3mm.) Will not plug with debris, silt, etc. Easy to maintain. Easier on wheelchairs, heels and walkers.

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100% Surface Permeability

Preserving a Precious Resource for the Future...Pacific Interlock Pavingstone created the Hydro-Flo (TM) Technology formula and is using it to manufacture the first paving method with up to 100% surface permeability. Hydro-Flo (TM) Pavers allow in excess of 3" of water per hour to pass directly through the paver. Equally attractive as our standard pavers, they can be used side by side in both residential and commercial applications. For more information, please visit our Hydro-Flo Technology Website.

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April 22, 2018, 2:56 pm PDT

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