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Sportworks Northwest, Inc


Address: 15540 Wood-Red Rd NE, Ste A-200


City/State/Zip: Woodinville, WA, 98072


Phone: 888-661-0555


FAX: 425-488-9001




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Vendor Profile: Sportworks is the inventor of the revolutionary No Scratch, No Scratch Vertical+ and Plaza bike racks. Our complete line of innovative, high capacity bike parking designs are cyclist-friendly and made to the highest quality standards.





No Scratch and Plaza bike racks

Revolutionary Sportworks No Scratch bike racks continue to impress by bridging the gap between function and form. The innovative and cyclist-friendly design you have been waiting for is finally here. Say hello to Oahu.
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No Scratch Vertical+

The No Scratch Vertical+ is the only product offering padded bike protection. The custom configurability suits any unique project maximizing your space. The most functional and secure vertical rack on the market, the Vertical+ is the answer for high capacity bike storage.
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The Sportworks Oahu Circular Rack is the latest addition to our No Scratch product line. The Oahu boasts the integration of our No Scratch bike protecting bumper with a fluid, circular design.
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March 25, 2017, 2:46 pm PDT

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