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Wishbone Site Furnishings


Address: 27090 Gloucester Way, Unit 210


City/State/Zip: Langley, BC, V4W 3Y5


Phone: 866-626-0476






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Vendor Profile: Wishbone Site Furnishings is a proud Canadian manufacturer raising the bar on innovation and design while maintaining practicality and functionality in site furnishings since 1995. We build exceptional products provide incomparable service and deliver outstanding value. Our products delight customers and users alike not just when they are new but even after many years of active service. Longevity and ease of maintenance are as important to our designs as style and uniqueness.





Modena Park Bench

All Wishbone products are made from recycled or sustainable materials, creating beautiful solutions that work better and last longer than alternatives. Environmental stewardship is important to our customers and central to Wishbone-- we love to create something useful from something used.
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Modena Curved Top Waste Receptacle

At Wishbone, benches are so much more than just benches. They facilitate relaxation. They encourage experiencing the surroundings. They enhance the look and purpose of a location. Sit on a Wishbone bench and you'll want to stay a little longer.
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Modena Curved Top Waste Receptacle

Keeping public spaces clean and scenic is at the heart of every Wishbone receptacle. In designing our receptacles, we consider how they are used, how they enhance their setting and how they are maintained.
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Attractive site furnishings in LED lighting

Innovation has been the driving force behind the success of Wishbone. Innovation creatively uses recycled plastics and metals in attractive site furnishings in using LED lighting to showcase it well into the evening hours. Check out our website and see all the other Innovation products just a click away.
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Site Furnishings and Lumber Products

Wishbone Site Furnishings and Lumber Products, made from recycled products. It's more than just a bench! Six months ago this was a couple of aluminum car rims and 120 plastic food, beverage and laundry detergent containers.
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Leader in design and manufacture

Leader in design and manufacture of high quality site furniture made from recycled plastics and metals. Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.
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Modena no-weld park bench

Modena no-weld park bench - introducing an industry first in design and function without compromising strength in a recycled cast aluminum park bench.
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Whale tail functional art

Whale tail functional art. Introduces an innovative approach to seating. Made from 100 percent recycled aluminum this two seat bench will definitely draws the crowds.
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Wishbone makes site furnishings

Wishbone makes site furnishings using recycled plastics modern and aesthetically pleasing in their new series appropriately called Urban Form.
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The Parker picnic table

The Parker picnic table's simple curves are intentionally designed to match modern playground environments that incorporate curved shapes and non-linear forms.
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