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Western Planting Solutions


Address: 1344 Leighton Grove Dr


City/State/Zip: Plumas Lake, CA, 95961


Phone: 530-751-3366


FAX: 530-751-3399




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Vendor Profile: WPS / Western Planting Solutions is home of the Grow Master - Gopher basket (Stainless Steel Gopher Basket). A safe alternative to protect your young plants from ground and surface rodents. The Grow Master Gopher/Root Basket is a mesh constructed with Stainless Steel specially designed to protect the root ball system of a plant. You just simply roll the mesh up and over the root ball of the plant just like a sock and youre done. The Stainless Steel mesh protects the root ball from damage caused by gophers ground and surface rodents.





Western Planting Solutions

The ultimate in root and trunk protection. Completely unroll the Grow Master - Gopher Basket mesh over the root ball. Secure Grow Master - Gopher Basket mesh around root ball. It??s the ultimate root and trunk protection system.
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November 19, 2017, 12:30 am PST

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