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Address: 18080 La Motte Rd,


City/State/Zip: Welsh, LA, 70591


Phone: 337-734-3656


FAX: 337-734-3676




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Company Info: Enduring Craftsmanship. Each Anamese pot stands as a unique work of art meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who carry on an ancient tradition. Thanks to their tireless attention to detail their handwork will be enjoyed by many for generations to come.





The Kor-ten Steel Trough

Elegance and stateliness combine with the Large Kor-ten Steel Troughs. These contemporary style pots add intrigue to home gardens, and work equally well as decorative plantings or partitions for commercial installations. Anamese Home and Garden, 800-385-4948.

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Milan Short Square

A lustrous finish, square mouth and curved shape are an enhancing combination. Grace the landscape with all three Milan Short Square pots, available in many different finishes. These are truly the crowning jewels of the garden.

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Tall Berlin Rectangular Planter

This striking pot adds contemporary style to the home. The Tall Berlin Planter is perfect for upright and cascading plants, given its generous mouth.

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Turin Tall Planter

Available in three sizes and five choices of finishes, including our recently introduced Artesian Reef. Design with one size or arrange all three pots together for exponential beauty in the garden.

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Footed Italian Planter

Infuse the garden with a European flair. Our terra cotta Footed Planter is graceful, and also offers a generous mouth for planting. The footed base adds a nice finishing touch.

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Nuovo Tuscan Fruited Planter

Another work of art from our Italian Terra Cotta line. This majestic piece exudes beauty all its own, but is equally breathtaking with striking plants. It may be ordered with or without the garland relief.

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Palermo Jar

The rounded bands and decorative lugs add rustic authenticity to this Mediterranean pot. Our Palermo Jar is a powerful 51 inches high. The venerable grace of this piece has been exquisitely captured by meticulous craftsmanship.

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Yumiko Planter

Our Yumiko line is a best-selling terra cotta design, due to its quiet simplicity. Part of our Antique Terra Cotta Collection, these quaint-looking pots are wonderful backdrops for brightly colored and unusual plants.

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Honey Jar

A playful planter with rings resembling a honey dipper, our Honey Jar is also a vibrant piece of sculpture. This pot will command attention around pools and in the landscape, especially when planted with shrubs and small trees.

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