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Address: PO Box 32


City/State/Zip: Pismo Beach, CA, 93448


Phone: 805-481-5686


FAX: 805-489-6451




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Company Info: SPORT ROCK has been a leader in realistic highly detailed artificial rock manufacturing for well over 15 years being one of the first to introduce realistic climbing products to the marketplace.Our newest lightweight and durable JUNGLE ROCK boulder series reflects an ongoing effort for continuous innovation by combining high-level quality hand sculpture with a state-of-the-art fabrication process using green materials.Easy to install our Jungle Rock Boulders and Park Pets are shipped in one piece for easy placement in parks playgrounds camps zoos resorts and residential landscapes.





Jungle Rock

Jungle Rock - sculpted animal figures intricately carved and revealed within a boulder. Used as a climbing structure for parks, playgrounds and camps.

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Sport Rock Intl., Inc.

Lion boulder has unsurpassed aesthetic appearance with functional art. The durable boulder is prefabricated, using recycled green and natural materials. Shipped in one piece, it??s light weight for easy installation and has optional matching handholds.

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Sport Rock International

Cavern boulders developed with an unsurpassed aesthetic appearance and real feel of natural rock surface. Our durable, lightweight boulders are shipped in one piece for an easy installation in playgrounds, camps or parks.

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Sport Rock International

Cavern Boulders are unsurpassed in their aesthetic appearance. Durable, light weight and made in the USA.??Our boulders are delivered in one piece for an easy installation.

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Sport Rock Intl., Inc.

Sport Rock has developed a new lightweight and durable 9ft tall climbing boulder. The Jungle Rock series includes 2 other complementary boulders, the elephant and bear, and 3 benches ready for placement in parks, playgrounds, zoos and resorts.

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Sport Rock Intl.

It's a jungle out there, with Sport Rock's new lightweight and durable 9-foot tall climbing boulder. Our Jungle Rock series also includes an elephant and bear.

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