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Pave Tool Innovators, LLCClick For Directions


Address: 20 Punkin Dr.


City/State/Zip: Ellington, CT, 06029


Phone: 860-870-8665


FAX: 860-871-6308




Contact: More Information


Company Info: Our wish is to help other fellow hardscapers advance their businesses to save time increase profits satisfy their employees reduce physical strain decrease workers comp. claims and to become more professional. After all this is what tools have done for us.

It39s a great way to make a living if you enjoy hard work and love to receive satisfaction from what you can create with your hands. If you incorporate into your business plan honesty integrity hard work tools and systems you will be successful.

Pave Tool continues to strive to provide tools and services that exceeds your expectations. We extend our family values of hard work and integrity in all that we do. We look forward to adding you to our Pave Tool Family!





Elite Suction System

Specializing in Taking the "hard" out of Hardscaping. Our mission is to provide contractors with unique innovative tools & systems to assist companies with cutting edge technology to increase profitability.

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Quick-E-BL 980

The Quick-E-BL 980 is the perfect clamp for lifting retaining wall block and step treads under 980 lbs. We created our product line to help hardscapers take the "hard" out of hardscaping. These are tried and true tools that will save you time, money and energy. Work Smart. Not Hard.

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Pave Tool specializes in Taking the "hard" out of Hardscaping. Tools invented specifically for the hardscape industry. Check out our time & back saving tools! Or contact us: 860-870-8665

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Quick-E-Large Block Clamp

Quick-E-Large Block Clamp - the ultimate tool for picking step treads, slabs and wall material. Clamp adjusts from 9??-48?? and holds up to 1,800 lbs.

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Quick-E-Hammer - designed to rapidly install steel spikes in your PVC edging. This tool has proven to decrease the amount of workman's comp. claims due to smashed fingers and hands. The muscle fatigue and energy saved with the use of the Quick-E-Hammer will not only make you more profitable but will also please your employees.

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Quick-E-Block Clamp

We??ve got your back. No more lifting heavy blocks. The Quick-E-Block Clamp can grab multiple blocks or step treads from your pallets just as they are delivered to your site. It adjusts quickly and easily.

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Quick-E Screeder

The Quick-E-Screeder Package includes the 3', 4.5??, and 6' long screeders along with adjustable interchangeable handle. Easy to use, and a lot less stressful on your knees and back. No need to use a screed board on your knees anymore!

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