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Address: 4400 NW 19th Ave. Ste K


City/State/Zip: Pompano Beach, FL, 33064


Phone: 844-837-7222


FAX: 305-895-7879




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Company Info: TerraCast products are molded from a polymer resin and is guaranteed to never crack chip fracture or break. TerraCast eliminates the costly breakage problems of clay and terracotta planters that occur during shipment to job site and installations. TerraCast can be used both indoors or outdoors. The planters and vases have excellent freeze/thaw characteristics and are unaffected by extreme temperature changes. TerraCast will not discolor and is not porous. Water and minerals cannot leak through the walls to stain or discolor exterior surface. TerraCast can be used without saucers on carpets tile or wooden floors without the worry of staining. TerraCast weighs less than clay or terracotta planters. TerraCast is lightweight enough to be used in installations such as balconies and rooftops. TerraCast costs less to ship than clay planters. TerraCast planters are nestable and receive a lower freight rate. TerraCast planters and vases can be bolted to the ground to deter theft and vandalism. TerraCast is manufactured in the U.S.A - delivery time is cut to days not months. Fast delivery reduces the need for inventory and enables you to complete projects faster and at a lower cost. TerraCast offers a Ten Year Limited Factory Warranty. Should any TerraCast product chip fracture or break due to defective workmanship or materials during the first ten years from date of purchase we will replace it free of charge. Shipping and handling charges must be paid by purchaser. TerraCast is available in custom colors. Call factory for pricing and delivery information. We have been in business since 1969.





Terracast Planter

TerraCast Products use environmentally friendly, unique resin-blend to create eco-friendly products. We offer architectural grade planters, decorative lamp posts, bases, landscape lighting, and site furnishings. With the use of resin and PolySteel , we offer products that are up to 75% lighter than traditional planters and lamp posts, virtually indestructible, maintenance-free and cost-effective.

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Brickell Planter

American owned and operated, TerraCast uses environmentally friendly materials and practices. One of our ecologically friendly materials is the unique resin-blend that we use to create our sustainable products.

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PolySteel Classic Lamp Posts

Classic lamp posts - timeless durability. our PolySteel??? posts utilize the latest in composite technology to provide a beautiful and affordable decorative post which looks like cast iron.

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TerraCast is molded from a polymer resin and is guaranteed to not crack, chip, fracture or break. TerraCast eliminates the costly breakage problems of clay and concrete planters that occur during shipment to job site and from everyday abuse.

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Our planters offer a combination of lightweight strength and beauty. Designer polyethylene construction is durable and resistant to environmental aging and temperature changes. We have over 70 styles and sizes in standard or custom colors.

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Polysteel Bridge Top Mini-Pole

The new bridge top mini pole utilizes Polysteel technology, which guarantees the poles will never rust or corrode. Ask about our custom designed light poles.

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Step Planters

TerraCast manufactures beautiful, everlasting resin planters used by municipalities for streetscapes nationwide. Many styles, colors and sizes to choose from. Will NOT crack, fracture, chip or break! 10 year warranty. Visit our website.

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Tree Ring

Make your Palm Trees Pop! The TerraCast Tree Ring illuminates the canopies of all your trees in the evening time when the beauty of most trees is lost. Call us today to see how you can beautify your property tomorrow.

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Washington Clam Shell Base

A light pole base solution to rusting, peeling, theft, dog urine, fading, graffiti, and bicycle chain damage. Available in various styles and sizes. Resin bases don't have the recycle value metal bases do - no theft. American made.

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