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Structural Pergola Systems


Address: 1579 Route 9


City/State/Zip: Toms River, NJ, 08755


Phone: 732-606-7198






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Vendor Profile: Structural Pergola Systems designs and manufactures breathtaking custom pergolas. Our reinforced fiberglass beams can span up to twenty four feet undeflected almost double the capability of traditional materials. Available in a wide range of colors to create to the perfect pergola for anywhere from your backyard to a hotel rooftop.





High Density Fiberglass Parts

Distributes high density fiberglass parts for commercial and large residential shade systems. Large profile beams, low maintenance and large span capability.
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Structural Fiberglass Beams

The design team has been designing large shade structures for over 25 years. The structural fiberglass beams allow for spans of 25' without the support of additional posts. The large 4" x 6" and 4" x 8" beams also create more shade than the products using 2" profiles.
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It's great for universities, hotels, parks, residential complexes, rooftop terraces and more. Strong, durable, maintenance free, and will out-span all others.
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Perfect for every project, hotel, park, school, resident and more. Outspans other products enhancing large patio areas, virtually maintenance-free.
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The Modern by SJP Properties

Perfect for rooftops as shown here at The Modern by SJP Properties, designed by Melillo+Bauer Associates.
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Structurally Reinforced Fiberglass

The strength of our structurally reinforced fiberglass supports polycarbonate, ceiling fans, light fixtures, TVs and more to keep you comfortable in your outdoor living space.
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