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Address: 1611 County Road B W Ste. 102


City/State/Zip: Saint Paul, MN, 55113


Phone: 651-330-2920


FAX: 651-797-2319




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Company Info: You cant start any major civil engineering project without impacting the planet. The challenge is to find more flexible techniques and sustainable materials. We work with the industry to lay the foundations for a new kind of civil engineering.In many applications geosynthetics are hi-tech replacements for construction staples like stone and sand. They can improve the performance and durability of a structure. And because theyre lighter and easier to install than their mineral counterparts there are fewer trucks travelling up and down our roads. They reduce the environmental impact of construction.In the thirty years since our market-leading TERRAM and TYPAR products were launched Fiberweb has developed unrivaled expertise and experience in geosynthetics. Weve worked closely with construction engineers architects and landscape architects to create new products and applications. Now Fiberweb geosynthetics are widely used in highways railways flood defences landfills buildings and forestry.No matter how Fiberweb geosynthetics are ultimately used they all share one thing in common. They were all developed on the back of painstaking research in close collaboration with industry specialists.The Fiberweb Geosynthetics rangeTYPAR (manufactured in the USA) and TERRAM (manufactured in the UK) and are leaders in their markets. These products including geotextiles geocomposites and geocells are used in the construction of paved and unpaved roads rail track bed industrial yards drainage systems erosion control works landfills and recreational facilities.DEFENCELL Wall Protection Systems protect people and property in military security and environmental applications. DEFENCELL is widely used as a geocellular containment system for the construction of flood barriers and other embankments.TUBEX is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of tree protection products. Tubular tree guards manufactured from twin-wall polypropylene or recycled polyethylene shielding saplings from sprayed herbicides and foraging animals and promote healthy growth within a sheltered microclimate.






BodPave?? 85 porous paving grids allow natural grass or gravel surfaces while offering heavy weight stabilization. The cellular grids allow full natural rainwater infiltration.

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GrassProtecta??? grass reinforcement mesh is a heavy duty thick HDPE plastic mesh that is installed directly onto existing grass surfaces to reinforce, protect and stabilize. Grass Protection mesh is perfect for grass surfaces that are prone to wear and rutting which can result in muddy surfaces that become incapable of withstanding vehicle traffic (car & trucks) or pedestrian applications (paths and walkways). Boddingtons GrassProtecta??? is available in 2 thicknesses and designed with an oscillated mesh structure to increase traction and improve slip resistance.

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Typar??Geocells are a cellular confinement system composed of heavy-duty and time-proven, non-woven geotextile fabric designed as the perfect solution for sub-base/soil/slope stabilization and tree root protection where a road, access route, or driveway is required. The system stabilizes the ground under adverse soil conditions, reduces the designed base-course depth, and ensures that tree roots beneath are protected from heavy vehicle forces on the surface.

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May 26, 2018, 5:04 am PDT

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