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Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems Inc.Click For Directions


Address: Box 14 Compartment 7, 27 Karen Ave.


City/State/Zip: Fall River, NS, B2T 1H7


Phone: 902-444-3447


FAX: 902-482-0329




Contact: More Information


Company Info: Outdoor Fit Exercise Systems manufactures the Helios 7 station outdoor fitness multi-gym and the Hercules 12 station outdoor fitness multi-gym. Each of these multi-gyms provides users of all age levels with a total body workout similiar to that found in an indoor commercial fitness center. Outdoor Fit Exercise Systems is also the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Urbanix Blade hydraulic outdoor fitness equipment line up.All of our equipment is designed and manufactured to be used safely in unsupervised outdoor environments. Each piece is weatherproof and offers real exercise for real results!





Helios Outdoor Multi-Gym

The only outdoor exercise equipment designed to bio-mechanically replicate indoor exercise equipment. The Helios Outdoor Multi-Gym provides real exercises for real results.

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Helios Outdoor Multi-Gym

Bring indoor exercises outdoors! HELIOS is an outdoor multi-gym for all ages and fitness levels. Rugged, weatherproof, and proven in the nation??s best parks.

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Helios 7 Station Outdoor Fitness

The Helios 7 Station outdoor fitness multi-gym is an all-in-one total body outdoor exercise machine that combines durability and exercise bio-mechanics.

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