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Address: 178 Bauer Drive


City/State/Zip: Oakland, NJ, 07436


Phone: 973-882-5010


FAX: 973-882-8970




Contact: More Information


Company Info: Amerlux Global Lighting Solutions is a proud US manufacturer with production plants in Oakland NJ and Pearland TX that produce specification grade lighting fixtures. The company is at the industry forefront for providing energy efficient lighting solutions globally. Amerlux specializes in interior and exterior LED fixtures and is the only manufacturer providing the SmartSite exterior lighting technology. The company remains independently owned and is one of the largest independent lighting manufactures in the world.





Lunetta Pedestrian-Scale Luminaires

Amerlux?? introduces Lunetta, an innovative family of pedestrian-scale luminaires. Lunetta??s entire body appears to illuminate from the top down, creating a sophisticated, seamless visual effect.

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High Performance LED Steplight

Our High Performance LED Steplight is available in durable composite, stainless steel or cast-aluminum faceplates, in nominal 8?? or 12?? versions. The closely packed LED array ensures peak efficiency and uniform coverage over the target area.

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Luminaries and Poles

Our built-to-order luminaries and poles can be tailored to your application. From highly-efficient light sources to integration of proven materials, our products meet the needs of today??s energy conscious and quality demanding culture.

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Long-Lasting LED

High-Performance Bollard collection now includes a highly efficient and long-lasting LED. An IP68 pressure-tight sealed optical chamber prevents moisture, dirt, soot, bugs, etc. from entering and degrading the optical performance.

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Introducing SmartSite

Introducing SmartSite??? LSN, the only fully integrated LED-based light sensory network system. SmartSite LSN provides safety, security and enhanced communications.

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Amerlux Accent Lighting

Light landscapes and features with this brilliant exterior accent light. Energy efficient, precise output, no light wasted. Perfect form and function???a landscape architect's dream come true. Learn more at

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Varieta transforms

The Amerlux?? Varieta?? transforms floodlighting. Powerful and versatile, it's perfect for signage, wall washing and landscapes, with features including unparalleled COB optics and energy efficiency. Learn more at

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May 26, 2018, 3:14 am PDT

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