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Address: 1350 Bluegrass Lakes Pkwy.


City/State/Zip: Alpharetta, GA, 30004


Phone: 678-942-1327


FAX: 678-805-9733




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Invisible StealthSpout Drain

The nearly invisible StealthSpout drain system makes almost any application change from an eyesore to a candidate for yard of the month!

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Multi-Use Channel Guard

The multi-use channel guard can be used as a downspout extension, fence guard or foundation guard. Fill with rock, mulch, straw. Pre-stamped for fence post.

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FLEXGRATE: Prevents clogging by filtering debris out of the downspout before the rainwater enters the buried drainage system. Works great filtering rain barrels too. The flexible connector makes installation easy. STEALTHFLOW: Channels rainwater away from your home??s foundation. No digging required. Simply cover the StealthFlow with mulch, straw or stone and it disappears into the landscape.

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StealthFlow Lowprofile Downspout

StealthFlow Lowprofile Downspout Extension - connects to downspout and channels rainwater away from your home??s foundation. No digging required.

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FlexGrate Landscape Drainage

The new FlexGrate Landscape Drainage Filter connects your downspout to your drainage pipe. It prevents clogging by filtering leaves and debris out of the downspout.

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Flex Grate Filter

Flex Grate filter leaves and debris out of the downspout before the rain water enters the landscape drainage system.

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Hoover Dam Gutter Cover

Professional grade Hoover Dam gutter cover. The staggered profile design handles the heaviest of rainfall and allows for airflow to clear debris.??

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May 27, 2018, 2:55 am PDT

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