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Vendor Profile: ODF Inc. manufacturers and distributes an Outdoor Floor Systemreg for exterior decks and rooftop terraces including GRATEDEXreg and elePHOOTreg. Both flooring systems consist of modular components along with fasteners connectors adhesives pedestals and other parts that provide a more durable method for placing thin gauged stone or tile in an exterior flooring application without the use of cement based mortars grouts or adhesives. This flooring technology creates a light weight stone floor over traditional joist framing a waterproof rooftop or even on grade. In addition to thin gauged stone or tile these flooring systems also support the placement of modular pavers in a dry-laid installation method without a mud set or sand bed. Use in all weather conditions and all temperatures for maximum durability and beauty. GRATEDEXreg system is a best solution for all residential single-family and multifamily on any traditional exterior deck without reconstruction or as a floating floor over waterproofing . The elePHOOTreg system is a commercial or high-end residential for creating flat exterior rooftop terraces with a variety of surface finishes.






Simple method to upgrade a composite deck to a stone or tile terrace. Maximum durability components and light-weight assembly requires no upgrade to standard residential joist framing. Also supports dry-lay pavers with framing upgrade.
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Use the same components with a snap-in float plate to rest on simple residential uniform sloped waterproofed deck over living space. No penetrations into waterproofing. No wood product breakdown. Light-weight assembly. Place thin gauge stone or tile in any orientation or also supports dry-lay paver with adequate bearing support.
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elePHOOT(R) PK21

For applications needing wider joist spacing, the stronger elePHOOT(R) Deck Plank spans 24" or 30" O.C. Great for timber framing or wide span metal framing. Screw attach to framing. Can be a fully uncovered walking surface-dock side-or glue-down thin gauge stone or tile or dry-lay paver.
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elePHOOT(R) PK21pf

Many rooftop terrace roof structures cannot support pedestal point loads. This install method provides rooftop waterproofing or maintenance access with removable Deck Planks interlocked to framing superstructure. Finish with pavers, glue-down tile or mixed media, including glue-bonded Synlawn(R) artificial turf.
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elePHOOT(R) PK34p

Some simple uniform slope conditions need micro adjustment to account for uneven conditions. This assembly is the lowest profile screw-adjusted pedestal plate with a 9" diameter support and a 1" - 1 1/2" adjustment. Great stability! And in high-wind uplift conditions, screw attach and glue-down for a full uplift secure assembly.
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elePHOOT(R) PK40+

When higher and level is required, this assembly fits the bill with a super strong and simple adjustable assembly supporting a proprietary interlocking Deck Plank assembly. With these components, it's possible to create a level rooftop terrace, raised platform on which a mixed-media of surfaces can be applied, including planting trays, pavers, glue-down tile or glue-bonded Synlawn(R) artificial turf.
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