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Aquatec Fountains


Address: 13613 N. 32nd St.


City/State/Zip: Phoenix, AZ, 85032


Phone: 602-589-1000






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Vendor Profile: Aquatec Fountains was started in Phoenix, Arizona over 30 years ago. We are known as the "water feature specialists" and enjoy a strong word of mouth referral business. Our past projects include interactive jumping jets, custom metal work, fire/water combination features, water walls, playjet splash pads, runnels, boulder waterfalls, custom koi ponds, rain curtains, aquavators, nozzle combinations, basalt columns, etc.





We design water features to be memorable and stimulating to the senses while being environmentally friendly and energy efficient. We handle everything from the design of commercial contemporary or traditional water features to construction.
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Custom Fountains

Aquatec Fountains combines the natural beauty of water and its physical properties, blended to the engineering designs of architectural elements. A properly designed and engineered fountain or water feature evokes emotions. Aquatec Fountains takes tremendous pride in developing unique features that match the client's artistic visions, while delivering it on time and within budget.
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