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Address: 3763 Silverleaf Ln


City/State/Zip: Vista, CA, 92084


Phone: 760-758-6181


FAX: 760-631-1909




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Company Info: Botanical Partners home of Bamboo Headquarters has one of the largest commercial selections of bamboo species in the U.S. with over 270 species of Bamboo available and over 25 species of Palms Cycads with a nice selection of flowering trees exotics including low water items from Africa and Australia. Visit our 3 acre display garden for more ideas.





A partnership of great plants

A partnership of great plants. Let us help you create unique landscapes. You and your clients are invited to our 4-acre working landscape display garden for touring and selecting. We are well known for our unparalleled collection of bamboo species. We are serious collectors of less common specimen palms, cycads, flowering trees and exotic plants from Africa, Asia and Australia. We featured low water plants before they were popular.

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Home of Bamboo Headquarters

Botanical Partners, home of Bamboo Headquarters, has over 270 species of Bamboo, over 25 species of Palms & Cycads, plus flowering trees & exotics, including low-water flora from Africa and Australia. Visit our 3-acre garden for more ideas.

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