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Stewart Iron Works Co.Click For Directions


Address: 30 Kenton Lands Road, Suite B


City/State/Zip: Erlanger, KY, 41018


Phone: 800-414-0753


FAX: 859-431-2035




Contact: More Information


Company Info: The Stewart Iron Works tradition is one of artistry in metal. Since the companys inception in the 1860s Stewart designed products have been known for their excellence and balance of beauty and function. They are created from unique designs and become crafted works of metal that grace the finest homes institutions historic sites and parks in the country.The Stewart shield can be found at the Panama Canal the White House and the British Embassy in Washington D.C. the Lt. Governors Office on St. Thomas Island the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Museum the Taft Museum The U.S. House of Representatives and at many other prestigious and historic sites.The tradition of metal craftsmanship continues today and is evident in the custom ironwork still produced by hand as well as the custom architectural metal creations.





Metal Fencing

With traditional metal craftsmanship and timeless designs, we can help set your project apart. Our metalwork can be used in fences, gates, railings, and more to enhance the design of your home or commercial project.

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Customized Fencing

Stewart fencing offers a distinct and unique border to your home, property or corporate headquarters. Our catalog highlights the various designs, sizes and materials that we have available. Picket and Fence options are available in various sizes and shapes. We are also able to create a custom design to fit your needs and overall tone of your property.

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